Thursday, September 25, 2008

National Priorities

Please take time to visit the website above. If our only perspective on 700-billion bailout dollars is what we hear from the White House and Capitol Hill...we are not thinking for ourselves. Wander through this website...take a look at quick reports. Check out the statistics on poverty in our country. John McCain and Barack Obama may have been invited to pow-wow on the economic bailout proposal, but they still have only one vote each in the US Senate...same as your senator and mine. Don't be afraid to call your elected representatives today and tomorrow to speak your mind. These calls make a difference. You might suggest: - that throwing $700-billion into the buckets that seemed to empty without warning (the surprisingly large house of cards, as President Bush described it) is like giving your teenager $1,000 when she just spent her entire savings on lottery tickets - a moritorium on mortgage foreclosures while they are all reviewed for the potential to write the note down to affordable payments for homeowners (rewriting mortgages was done during the Great helped) - loan the money to Wall Street businesses at a high interest rates or with a plan to capture a percentage of business profits that ultimately go back to taxpayer coffers And don't forget to mention a few stats from the National Priorities site. We are the change we've been waiting for. Peace.

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