Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh My...Tally Up!

Debate #1 is done. I drank some wine and dozed off before Senator McCain mentioned Alexander the Great (whaaa?). When I woke up, Keith Olberman was making fun of John McCain for stumbling over the pronounciation of Ahmadinejad. And I thought, who cares? There was much to care about in the conversation between our candidates tonight, though: the economy, the bailout plan, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, national security. All hail to Jim Lehrer for doing his best to cut through rhetoric and point the two men seeking the highest elected office in our land to the question at hand: What kind of president will you be? Per that question and the debate scoring sheet that you can click on above...I give the night to Obama. Obama was present, listening, engaged, well prepared, and quite determined. McCain was over-anxious, self-important, a bit mocking, and tiresome. We all know if these guys were on a high school debate team, Obama would have gone home with the ribbon. But, I think we knew this before the bell rang at 8 PM CST. Barack Obama is an extraordinary statesman. McCain, to his credit, was amazingly passionate for a 72-year old. This is not a dottering old man here. This is a seasoned senator who used to know why he wanted to be president. I think I saw a bit of the old John McCain tonight, which probably had Karl Rove & Co. peeing in their pants in the spin room. He occasionally returned to his script, of course - enough to make me tire of the rhetoric - but he came out standing on his own two feet for the first time in a while. Good for you, Senator. The net result was less decisive than I expected it to be. I figured Obama would hit it out of the park, and McCain would spend the night chasing the ball. I guess when it's all said and done, I'm happy that one candidate didn't emerge as the "show biz" winner. Let's settle this contest on issues. Round two October 7 in Nashville. (And who will want to miss the vice presidential candidates October 2 from St. Louis?) Peace.

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