Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Real Clear Politics?

It's a website. (click above) It's not a bad one if you're obsessed with polls and percentages and point spreads and the very latest news that is news, as most of us seem to be. The site seems balanced...with pieces posted from every news outlet you can imagine...CNN to But, it makes my head hurt. I can click and read for hours. One story leads to another. I begin surfing my way to other websites, and before I know it I'm opening articles like "Top 5 Motherhood Myths" and "Odd Facts About the Dollar"... Which makes me understand why we'd all just like someone to tell us how to vote. It's so much easier if we don't have to figure this out the hard way...thinking and reading and listening to our own inner longings. "Someone just tell me how to vote." I should confess....this is how I ended up voting for Richard Nixon. I should also say that I am not undecided about my vote in the upcoming election. I am so decided, in fact, that lights and bells have been installed on my front lawn to protect my yard sign from random walk-by theivery. Still, I am eager to be clear and concise in my conviction for my candidate. I want his story to connect with my story. I want to go to the issues that concern me most...war, economic injustice, education...and find evidence that my vote on November 4 will be a vote for a nation "indivisible...with liberty and justice for all."'s that for some real clear politics? Thanks for taking the survey, by the way. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the question, if you have some time to write here. I've got a brainy PhD student in social psychology working on the questions for upcoming come back to the blog often. Peace, all.

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jo ann said...

Thanks for the nudge....I think. I thought it was enough to be quite decided in whom I should vote for and happy my immediate family will do the same; but, you're right.....I need to be clear in the convictions of my candidate so I can put voice to that rather than just roll my eyes and cringe at the things I'm hearing from people I'm surrounded by with very opposing views. I'll try to keep my head above water--
jo ann

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