Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take Time While There's Time....Think!

41 days...991 hours from this particular hour...59,519 minutes from this very minute... The polls will open and Americans will vote for a new president. Black, white, brown, red, blue, conservative, moderate, liberal, rich, hungry, happy, stressed...we will go. Empowered by our freedom to choose and our right to speak our minds without fear we will put aside the projections about the winner and the presumptions about the vote counting and the pondering on things that really don't matter...and we will vote. By the time 42 days have passed, it will all be over. Someone will have 270 electoral votes. Swing states will go back to being called by their given names. A senator, or two, will return to the senate. A governor may go back to Alaska. What then? Can you imagine it yet? What really are your highest and best hopes for our brand of democracy over the next four years? Have you taken a moment...don't wait to be given a moment...to think for yourself about this? Or have you been swept into the frenzy stew of each day...a recipe created by candidates and their spinners, newscasters and their graphics, email hogs and their alarming daily data? Who are YOU? What do YOU value? What do you fear? What do you...to coin a phrase...HOPE for? From the core of your being, what kind of leadership are you dreaming about in the United States of America? Is there time left to think? I believe there is. 59,476 minutes still left, in fact. Stop. Look. Listen. Think. It's your vote to do with what you will. Know what you want...choose that. I'd love it if you'd take the quick survey on this site. There will be a new question every week, generated by our thinking together here. You're also welcome to cut and paste the countdown link above (click on this post title) onto your own computer...a reminder from time to time that you still have a few minutes to think and dream and hope. And by all means...let me know what's coming to you in those moments of contemplation by posting a response here. Peace.

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Jo's Lil' Sis' said...

I don't know what I want...I just know that I DON'T want what we've had the last 8 years. Can we get THAT whatever THAT is? And who do we vote for to get THAT. Because I want THAT. THAT is what I want and THAT is what I'll call it for now. THAT=the polar opposite of what we've had and what we still have today...a poor economy, a war with young men and women dying, terrorist being handled I'm not so sure in the right way, Osama Bin Laden still out there, Saddam Hussein gone++, terrorists living next door to me and they don't value their own life; why should they value yours or mine (and all in the hopes they will get 72 beautiful virgins if they kill themselves to honor Alah or God.) Isn't my existence worth more than that?? haha lol I think so!!! (I say halfway laffing and halfway in disgust.)
All I know is that we have been following one party, the Republicans for 8 years and I'm disgusted at how far we've (HAVEN'T) come. So, once again, I wonder......am I going to vote for the lesser of 2 evils? Or will the Democrats do something right. I would be embarrassed to claim that I adhere to either party at all times. I usually vote for the person who isn't the person I definitely DON'T want to win. Isn't that sad...truly as a tear drops down my face.
Jo's lil' sis

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