Sunday, October 12, 2008

22 Days of Truth?

I'm tired of Palin-ology. Do you know there are people...people who do NOT work for the National Enquirer...who spend their days trying to find pictures that prove the Governor of Alaska was not pregnant this year? I'm tired of Town Hall Fear Mongering. Do you know there are people...people who do NOT work for the CIA...who spend their days trying to find evidence that Barack Obama is an Islamic Radical? I'm tired of FOX Fact Fudging. Do you know there are people who actually make a living finding the crazies mentioned above and putting them on national TV? I cannot bear another idiotic editorial or smug look or ignorant rant from the Political Right. And, I am growing equally tired of the frenzy strategies from my side of the stadium. It is time for this election season to end...before, I pray, utter depravity, ignorance, and lunacy become the only American voices heard on the world stage. Were you aware of what was said about us last week by Nobel prize official Horace Engdahl? He was quoted as saying the United States is "too isolated" and "too insular" to generate literary Nobel laureates. Ugh. In case the word "insular" doesn't embarrass you, here's Webster's definition: ...being, having, or reflecting a narrow provincial viewpoint. The jeers and curses are not funny anymore. They are depleting the dignity that our system of government allows each individual. It's the dignity to be, well, an individual. Can we stop parroting what we hear on TV or read on our favorite blogs? If you come across something that concerns/gripes/puzzles you in the next 22 days can you promise to check the facts before passing the information along? Add a factcheck wire report (consider it your daily clarification) to your browser home page ( A voice of sanity amid the blah-blah-blah voices tied to the THREE R's (television Ratings, newspaper Revenues, general emotion packed Rants) is actually quite helpful. According to the poll on this blog last week, 80% of us believe politicians lie to us in order to be elected. 20% aren't sure one way or another. No one disagreed with the statement that politicians lie. I'm not sure why being lied to is okay with me...but I refuse to be a conduit for deceit. I invite each of you to be part of a movement to stop the madness over the next three weeks. Can we commit ourselves to "just the facts, m'am/mister?" Here are my top 3 stick-to-the-facts topics:
  • Who has a plan for ending the war in Iraq and bringing our boys and girls home?
  • Who has tax proposals that redefine a system that currently makes the rich richer and the poor poorer?
  • Who has a plan to create health care options for people in this country who can't come up with cash to see a doctor?

What are your factual non-negotiables for the next three weeks? Can we carry truth with us between now and November 4?

This is, actually, one of our sure paths to Peace. The truth.

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