Sunday, October 26, 2008

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, E-Day!

When I began this blog, there were 42 days remaining in the walk toward the light. Forty-two days to be filled with record numbers of new voters registered, 400+ campaign-related emails, 4 debates, 11 electoral map color changes, a fair amount of mud-slinging, and polls, polls, polls. I think it is fair to say there has never been anything quite like this election season. Imagine my excitement today when I opened my internet browser and up popped my countdown-to-election-day timer...showing a single digit! Nine days...NINE DAYS...until a new president of these United States is elected. Just nine more days of pundit pondering, breath holding, hand wringing, sign snatching (yes, mine was tampered with again) days...and then it's over. Has anyone else begun to wonder what we'll talk about then? What will compel us to check the news online, read our favorite blog, or watch Saturday Night Live? And, most importantly, what about the people in this nation, at your office, across your street, at your Thanksgiving table who did not get their way? The ones who believe the country is on a path of great despair...what about them? And, what if it's you? I propose we take the time we have...nine make peace. Make peace with the great truth that we live in the land of the free, where choosing our president is a right that can only be taken from us if we are still serving time for a felony. It is a right that leaves a percentage of us feeling like losers every four years. Make peace with the knowing that our voices are ours to raise in every level of government, and no matter who's elected our voices cannot be taken from us. Even if it feels like we have not been heard this time. Make peace with your neighbor, who really wants exactly what you want: a job, a safe environment to raise children and dogs and cats, the ability to dream...always...of something better. Make peace with your own role in this process. And, make sure you've done enough. I'm headed to a swing state for five of the nine remaining days. Only a handful of electoral votes are at stake in New Mexico...but, the idea that some rural voter in Clovis might not get to the polls this year, or might not understand what's at stake in 2008, or might not feel empowered to be a part of deciding the future compels us (my husband and me) to go. will all be over in 9 days. And, then reality begins again. Forty-two days ago, I invited you to think rather than follow. With 9 days remaining in this historic presidential campaign, perhaps it is time to follow...your heart, your hope, your dream for the future. I know your decision is made. What will you do with the next 9 days? Peace.


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