Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are You Ready to Rumble?

I can't remember when politics seemed like such sport.

There's so much to read and hear about tonight's debate strategy and game plan, I feel like I'm anticipating the Texas-OU kickoff all over again (hooked 'em last Saturday, by the way).

What must McCain do to hit the ball out of the park?

What must Obama do to maintain his ranking in the polls?

What will Bob Shieffer do to keep the game on track?

Just for point of reference...and great fun, take an 8-minute look at where these televised debates between presidential candidates began on September 26, 1960. Not much style. Not much hoopla. Not much difference in the messages. Sigh.

There were 66.4 million viewers in 1960. Networks expect about the same number tonight. I suppose that proves that interest in politics hasn't really grown with the country's population or with our media sophistication. Double sigh.

I'm still deciding how I'll watch tonight. Will I head to a local bar where democrats hang out and raucously cheer and boo...or stay at home with my Washington Post debate drinking game and not worry about post-debate driving?

Wherever you are tonight, I invite you to watch the exchange at least as attentively as you sit with college football. Then turn off the TV to discuss your opinion of the 90-minute contest with people you trust. Don't let pundits tell you what you saw. Do your own thinking.

And let me know what you thought by posting something here.

Go team!


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