Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do Politicians Lie?

How can you tell a politician is lying?
His/her lips are moving.
So goes the joke.
But, does YOUR politician lie?
If you have a favorite presidential pick this year, the answer to that question is probably. Apparently at least 36 whoppers have been told by John McCain and Barack Obama (combined total) this political season. These whoppers, identified for us by the nonpartisan, nonprofit, “consumer advocate” for voters (http://www.factcheck.org/) are gently labeled half truths, or misrepresentations of the truth by factcheck. Do you call these lies?
I have a feeling most of us feel lied to if someone gives us information in this form...but maybe not if the someone is a candidate for public office? Is there a good reason for thinking people to settle for this?
Is it the way our information is fed to us...the sound-bite, the quotable quote, the youtube video, the supporters' rally, the timed-answer debate...that determines how much truth we believe our candidates are able to communicate? Is it that we really enjoy the idea of winning so much we don't care anymore about how the game is played? Or do we think the truth really doesn't matter when it comes to politics? Or are we not buying any of the BS from either side? Or are we rationalizing our own candidate's lies by qualifying them as "small" or"not as bad as..." ?
I'd love to hear your ponderings on the matter. Especially after tonight's debate. Just post a comment here. The debate begins at 8 PM CST.
And, by all means, register your response to the statement on the blog: All politicians...the ones I support and the ones I don't support...tell lies in order to be elected.
I'm inserting the "GODVOTE" scorecard, if you care to listen for peace and justice buzzwords tonight. It's pretty easy to keep score on these subjects, as they rarely come up on either side of the stage.
For those of you reading via email, don't miss "The Circle of Lies" video that's linked to the title on the blog. You can see it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4njer6BBgQ
People are so creative!
Peace, all.

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