Friday, October 24, 2008

An Easy Lesson...

...on the difference between political ideologies and personal philosophies. ide·ol·o·gy - visionary theorizing phi·los·o·phy - the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group Take a look at the cartoon my friend Darlene (a good democrat) sent yesterday:

So, the political ideology represented here is the Democratic visionary theorizing that those who have more in this country should share with those who have less. The kids with lots of candy don't keep it all. It's the we're-going-to-spread-the-wealth-around kind of thinking.

But, don't miss the personal philosophy implied by the cartoon...which is that anyone who doesn't have more in this country is simply too lazy.

Perhaps the kids in their nice costumes with their custom trick-or-treat bags were just born with nicer parents than some other kids. Or, maybe they are simply the ones lucky enough to have parents at home. Or, parents with money to buy a costume. Maybe the kids drawn on this doorstep have no idea how lucky they are. And, perhaps it doesn't even occur to these kids that there are some people their age who aren't trick or treating.

Maybe the kids who aren't out in their costumes with their specialty candy buckets are sick, or permanently disabled, or hiding in a closet to avoid being beaten, or simply more worried about what's for dinner than what to wear on Halloween.

My political ideology would be better represented in this cartoon by Gary McCoy if the Democrat were saying: "Look how much candy you have. I'm going to take half and give it to the kids who couldn't trick or treat tonight."

I think you probably can deduct my personal philosophy.

And what if we turn the cartoon around, so the think bubble over the kids' heads reads: "Oh crap, a Republican (ideology)?" Here's my rewrite:

Look how much candy you have! I'm going to take half of it and give it to the kids who have so much candy they'll never know they have more!

Which ideology represents your philosophy? Peace. (Don't miss listening to Nanci Griffith by clicking on the title above. Check her face at about 1:10...there we are.)

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Anonymous said...

I agree the assumption that the cause of the disparity is laziness is ugly at best. But should the selfish or those closed to the real causes of want in our community be compelled to generosity? Perhaps. The stability of the community cannot be maintained when the gap becomes too wide and the rich do little but suggest we "let them eat cake". For the sake of stability, perhaps we must compel generosity. But as one of the rich (in a world where half live on $2 a day or less) I would much rather face my maker having given voluntarily.

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