Friday, October 3, 2008

Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout...

...the same old things. The debate between Senator Biden and Governor Palin was...well...a bit of a yawner. No crazy "in the airspace" rambling from the governor and nothing but focus on the mission and gentlemanliness from the senator. Governor Palin was well rehearsed and intentional about swimming back to the edge of the pool when she found herself in deep water. She winked at us and said things like "there ya go again." For reasons I don't really understand, Americans find that presentation likeable. I find it a little too presumptuous. It seems someone in the GOP believes I like to be spoken to in over-solicitous tones and third-grade language. Senator Biden spoke like a man who's been paying attention and taking his work very seriously in the US Senate for 35 years. He wasn't folksy...but he let us know he stays in touch with the folks back home. While the polls on the likeable-ness of the candidates favor Governor Palin today, the polls on the competency of the candidates go heavily to the side of Senator Biden. The best comment of the evening on Main Street-My Street came from one of my favorite political thinkers...a 24-year-old Texas A&M graduate who we are certain will be President one day (if the country ever gets over the gag reflex that comes with the thought of another Texan in the White House). His text message to me at 9:53 pm was: Watching this Vice Presidential debate is like watching Betty Crocker debate Thomas Jefferson. I'll take the person who knows where Lebanon is on a map... We'll have to counsel my young friend on his sexist imaging before we launch him into the national spotlight. Still...the analogy worked with the thinking people gathered at my house. Finally...tracking our "faith vote" buzzwords last night wasn't too difficult. I heard: global warming, wildlife, equal civil rights for gays, bi-partisan, healthcare, and a "must do better" (but how?) mention of pubic education. Candidates are NOT talking about poverty, misappropriated justice, racial and gender equality, fair wages, homelessness, hunger. The target is middle-class, got-it-together, on-the-track-to-greater-wealth America. I guess we haven't worked hard enough to register voters among the poor people in this country. We will have to be their voice. Peace. By the way...if you're reading these entries (thank you) on email only, you're missing my creatively incorporated weblink of the day. In email, you'll have to copy and paste the link at the top of the piece into your browser. If you go to the blog site, you can just click on the title. Don't miss today's!

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