Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fears, Not Years, Make Us Old

So now we need to know that Barack Obama is not who we think he is. Sigh. I worked for a Lubbock television station in the 70s that was owned by R.B. McAlister, a Bible carrying, polio stricken, democratic member of the Texas House of Representaties (1969-1977). Mr. Mac, as we called him, had a Sunday night commentary at the end of every weekend news report...the content of which ranged from the virtue of being a good neighbor to the wild shennanigans of his cohorts in Austin. He ended every broadcast with this little nugget: "Remember, fears - not years - make men old." (women, too) Are you feeling old today? If so, you're right where the GOP wants you. I've been involved in a number of groups that run on fear. Without exception, they exhaust me. One was a school district with a vindictive and off balance superintendent. Another was a church with a pastor who needed to feel needed so much, we all had to be in ruins for the model to succeed. And, who hasn't seen a dysfunctional family operating solely on the emotion of fear? Fear is powerful. Very powerful. It is crippling, disabling, disorienting, and a catastrophic place to be when it comes to decision making. Don't let the McCain/Palin campaign push your fear button. The nation will have its say on this presidential election in just 12 days! It is becoming clear to me that the Republican machine plans to do all it can to engage our fear responses. What do they have left? We've made it hard for them this year. Americans apparently are no longer afraid of what "murderers" are doing to unborn children. We apparently are no longer running scared from same-sex couples who want to be married. And, we've grown leary (and weary) of the reprise of 911 for the sake of instilling the blood-chilling fear of terrorists on our soil. Now, the terrorist is apparently running for president. Jeez. We're not falling for that, are we? Would it surprise anyone out there if the next mailer from the RNC reminded anyone who might have been blinded by the light of hope that Barack Obama is, after all, a black man with a score to settle from the days of slavery? Don't be afraid. Be hopeful. Be courageous. Be the change. Peace.

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Gay said...

Another timely post - it brought this quote to my mind.

"I have built my organization upon fear" Al Capone

Sound familar?

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