Friday, October 31, 2008

I Believe in Human Kindness

A quick note as we load the car. BOTH of our Obama yard signs were taken/destroyed today. In broad daylight! I quickly created a sign suggested by my friend Carol: "YOU CAN STEAL MY SIGN BUT YOU CAN'T STEAL MY VOTE! OBAMA ''08!" I stuck it in the ground next to the mangled Texans for Obama sign and ran a few pre-NM-departure errands. I told myself the homemade sign probably wouldn't last the afternoon. Wow! It was wonderful to turn the corner onto my street and see a brand new Obama/Biden sign in the yard next to my handwritten declaration. We're at our best when we do these kinds of things. Bravo peacemakers!


Gay said...

I am so glad your sign was returned or someone gave you a new one. Change - little step by all of us can make thing happen.

Laura's Lines said...

I absolutely love your companion sign... glad the sign was returned, it is the little things that restores one's HOPE in human kindness. (this is Gay's DIL.)

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