Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Saw Those Boots at Target!

I hate to bore you with my day. It was a little bit girlie. A friend of mine is testing the waters of a wardrobe consulting business...and I just happen to be the ultimate test for someone who thinks they possess skill in this area. My closet is full of mostly outdated, purchased in a panic, all black clothing. She came in, seemingly unfazed by the challenge and left me an hour later with a prioritized list of items to purchase on my own time and at my own stores. She did suggest that the basic black, flared leg dress pant on the list be an investment kind of expenditure. I told her I thought my limit on a pair of dress pants would be $120. She hid a cringe and said, "Okay...spend $120, then." (Yikes, Toto...we're not at Old Navy!) I tell you this story only because fashion purchases seem to be top on our list of political issues today. $150,000 worth of fashion purchases, to be specific. Clothes for Sarah Palin, to be exact. Sarah and Todd and Trig (Did you hear that romper Trig was wearing at the convention on mama's speech night cost $92??!! I need to see a $92 romper before it's spit up on!). The purchases the Republican National Committee has made to clothe and accessorize the Palins since late August ring up like this:
  • $49,425.74 at Saks
  • $75,062.63 at Neimans
  • $ 4,716.49 on hair and make-up
  • $ 5,102.71 at Bloomingdale's
  • $ 9,447.71 at Macy's
  • $ 4,902.45 at Atelier
  • $ 295.00 at Pacifier (Trig's romper, etc)

Okay...let's be honest and fair. Who among us wouldn't need a few new items for the suitcase before embarking on an 8-week rally, TV, radio, newspaper, magazine tour? Likely the first thing I'd have said to John McCain if he'd called and asked me to be his VP would have been, "But, I have nothing to wear!" Oh, and I'm a democrat.

Really, though...Saks? Neiman-Marcus? We all know this is NOT where Joe Six-Pack buys Josephine's Christmas present. And, Joe the Plumber? I saw him yesterday in front of me in the check-out line at Target. Come on, GOP...get a clue.

Just for fun, I priced a few items on my wardrobe makeover list at Neimans. If you are an average person living on Main Street, America...prepare to be amused.

  • Black dress pants - $575
  • Woven cotten basic shirt (white) - $250
  • Woven cotten basic shirt (black) - $795 (oh, it's lusious!)
  • Beautiful funky green cardigan sweater - $365 (I think I really want this one)
  • Belted cardigan sweater - $575
  • Turtleneck sweater (need 2) - $275 each - $550
  • Ballerina flats - $195
  • Dressy boots - $1,145
  • All purpose suede dress shoe - $425

Total - $4875. And I still need another pair of non-mom jeans (it's the WASH that gives us away, ladies, not the fit!!), a couple of tunic tops, tights, some belts, some jewelry.

I will not be shopping at Neiman-Marcus. Shame on you, GOP.

And do we really believe the intention of the RNC is to give Palin's pricey clothes to charity at the end of the campaign? They must not believe they're going to the White House. It seems to me you'd want to look spiffy while being the VP just as much as you wanted to look spiffy trying to be the VP. Or...once the Palins go back to the clothes of the common people?

McCain's campaign spokesperson said she didn't understand why, with all the real issues to be discussed, people wanted to talk about pantsuits and blouses.

Hmmmm....we felt the same way last week about Bill Ayers.



Gay said...

Thank you for commenting on this farce. The average family - doesn't even dream of spending over $150K on clothes/personal items. We are far more concerned about feeding our families, paying our mortgages and utilities. The Republican Party is trying to say it is in touch with the "Joe the plumber's" of American but turns around and spends more than the average American makes on a wardrobe for a "beauty queen & family", which they plan to donate(great investment). I looked up the salary for the govenor of Alaska - they (the Republicans) spent more on Mrs. Palin than she earns. Am I the only one that thinks this is how they got us into this mess in the first place?

Jo Ann Strickland said...

We want to talk about pantsuits and blouses because we want someone
leading the country who has a clue about the value of money....and will
use a scalpel to carve out ridiculous expenditures like $100 nuts and bolts,
and $92 rompers when you can get the romper for $18 at Kohl's, and the
nuts and bolts for a couple dollars at Home Depot. puh-leez!!! If you think
nothing of spending this kind of money on CLOTHES (which I have no
problem with a new wardrobe for the events), what kind of money will
you mindlessly throw at more important stuff?

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