Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh Cockamamy Me!

I thought Barack Obama was brilliant last night. Best ever. He stood up quite gently and firmly to the bully in the cranky old man costume who showed up to share table space with him and answer Bob Schieffer's questions. And he directly answered the questions...sprinkling only lightly with the salt of his standard talking points. He was confident because he came with specifics on every topic. He was cool because he had nothing to hide. He was a winner because he stayed above the undercutting style that has become John McCain. I am so disappointed in Senator McCain. Does no one on his staff understand the virtue of a glass of wine? Honestly...the man needs to breathe and think and smile instead of using that short-gasp, rambling jab, sinister grinning thing he does. It just makes him look so bad. Really, dude, try yoga. He said "hurting and angry" too many times (gee, I thought I was feeling okay, Senator, but now that you mention it...). He suggested Obama was launching a "class war." This from a man who can't remember how many homes he owns? (NOW I'm hurting and angry!) He called Obama "Senator Government." I'm betting that was a slip of the tongue that sent his spinners reeling. Can anyone imagine the other names the McCain camp uses behind closed doors to describe Senator Obama? He sneered and air-quoted the word HEALTH...mocking Senator Obama's concern about women in risky pregnancies. For some reason McCain seemed to believe mentioning a woman's health in a conversation about late term abortion was a work of eloquent trickery on Obama's part. And speaking of eloquence...he used the word "cockamamy" to describe Senator Biden's plan to decentralize the government in Iraq. (And, he forgot to mention the other 72 senators who supported that cockamamy idea.) His comments about Sarah Palin? Oh, for garden seed! McCain's gushing "I'm so proud of her" over and over in a fatherly tone did NOT settle the question about her qualifications to be president. But here's the craziest thing...some people I'm reading today actually think John McCain won "on points" last night. Really? Were there some points I missed besides: "Vote for me because Senator Government is going to raise Joe the Plumber's taxes?" Did he veer noticeably from the blah-blah-blah we've heard recycled every time he speaks? When he did stray from the script, could you really score a point for the man? Really...did he whip Senator Obama's you-know-what like he promised? Really? I have concluded that I have completely lost my objectivity. It hurts to admit that. I felt certain I could post measured, insightful, compelling pieces here without any overwhelming biases seeping through the lines. I am, after all, the peace mama. But I just can't do it today. And I cannot leave unchallenged the media work that is painting Senator Obama out to be a cool customer who thinks he's got this game in the bag. It's a bid to engender complacency in a campaign that is high on enthusiasm. I can tell you that no Obama supporter I know considers the work finished until November 5. The idea that Senator Obama was resting on his laurels last night, and dodging a fight just to avoid losing his lead in the polls is an attempt to infuse arrogance into a candidate who believes he is still a long shot. Call me cockamamy, if you need to. But don't discount the comments made yesterday by Senator Obama's #1 supporter: Watch CBS Videos Online Peace.

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