Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Shots Anyone?

Everyone else is taking them... (click above) Here's a small sampling of today's headlines:
  • Growing Skepticism for Palin Says Washington Post/ABC Poll
  • Stakes High for Palin in Tonight's Debate
  • No Free Pass for Palin, Say Evangelicals

Nothing cuts closer to the heart, though, than last week's piece from conservative political columnist Kathleen Parker, who wrote: "my cringe reflex is exhausted." Then Parker implored the Alaskan governor to "save McCain, her party, and the country she loves" by bowing out and going home.

I can't wait to see Governor Palin stand before us all (including Joe Biden) tonight...knowing she may never live this 90-minutes of her life down. It's like the final installment of an American Idol season. If only we could use our cell phones to vote.... The news pundits tell us to be watching for appearances: Who looks "vice presidential"...How do the candidates greet one another...Will Palin commit an unforgivable blunder of intelligence...Will Biden commit an unforgivable error of long-windedness...Will Sarah Barracuda emerge...Will Joe Jab show up? They have made it worth watching, haven't they? Look for a "Debate Bingo" card posted here later today (the technology is stumping me at the moment). Use it tonight to distract yourself from the jeers and jabs and guffaws. Maybe we'll discover some real issues being addressed by these two sideshow spotlight stealers. I hope we do. Peace.

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