Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking The Show on the Road

Our bags are packed. We've checked the weather. The animals are taken care of. The GPS is programmed... We're off! Headed to New Mexico for four days of political canvassing, encouraging, reasoning, and cajoling. It's a swing state. We Texas democrats have come to terms with the redness of our home state, so many of us are shaking the dust of God's country from our sandals for a few days, and heading North. They call it GOTV - getting out the vote. And while I've always been passionate about the candidates I support, and the vote I cherish, I've never taken my determination quite this far. Really, I'm a big ol' introvert. The thought of "cold calling" on anyone, whether it be by phone or at the front door, gives me - I have to confess - a stomach ache. I'm sure as we approach that first unopened, uncommitted voter's door, I'll wish I were back home, sitting right where I'm sitting now, writing about what I'm thinking and feeling instead of acting on it. But we're going. Not in the comfort of a big busload of excited democrats...just two middle-aged hard heads in their mini-SUV. Not to a location where we might actually see one of the candidates on a final stump, but to the semi-rural plains of Southern New Mexico. Not to secure over-the-top electoral votes in a surprising EV turnaround, but to help hold onto a handful of votes that are already purple on most electoral maps. Still, we can't not go. Every good reason to stay home has failed to make any sense to us as we look the last few days of this historic election in the eye. We can't leave the end of this race solely up to the people who always do this kind of thing. We aren't comfortable with our usual "But, what can we do?" compassion conundrum. It's a story we have to be part of. And so we pack our TUMS, leave the house empty on Halloween, miss our son's birthday, miss election day in our own state with our own circle of friends...and we go. I'm taking the laptop. If the network gods are on my side, I'll be sending daily updates on the view of the end of George Bush's world from Clovis. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

I will look forward to reading about your trip and could not be more proud to call you friend.

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