Monday, November 10, 2008

A Child Shall Lead

Please allow one last election reflection. Our kids rocked the vote this year! I mention this because I have two sons who fall into the demographic that turned last week's vote into brilliant history for this country. I am a proud mama - proud of my two, and the 23,999,998 others in their age group who lead the nation. I'm excited because I believe they listened to their parents...the very people who were among the first 18-year olds to be allowed to vote in 1972 (when the choice was McGovern or Nixon). They actually believed in the power of their voices, and they took those voices to the polls in numbers not seen in 36 years. They were not motivated by a promise to END something as we were in 1972, but by a promise to BEGIN something. It was called hope - the change we need. They looked up from their studies and video games and fantasy league rosters and Facebook pages and found a country in need of fresh air. Then they showed up to deliver. Despite predictions of record voter turnout this year, the percentage of registered voters who actually went to the polls nationwide was about the same as 2004 (61%). The statistic that changed was the percentage of voters in the 18-29 year old group who cast a ballot (74%). We need these kids to care. They do. Most importantly, they did not see a black man running for president, they saw an inspiring man...a man with a vision, a man with ideas and dreams and something more than political rhetoric. They heard a plan that involved each one of us in a process to restore responsibility and pride and genius to the work of this government. The 18-29 year old voters supported the Obama-Biden ticket 2:1 over McCain-Palin. "Young people absolutely made the difference in this election," said Erika Johannsen, project coordinator at "Without them, he (Obama) would have lost the election."
(Graphic from Carnegie Mellon University's student newspaper 11/10/08)
How can a student of the Bible not be reminded of Isaiah's words (11:6) as he described a world turned upside down? And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. The heading for this section of scripture in my New Revised Standard Version reads: The Peaceful Kingdom. Let it be.


jo ann said...

One last reflection.....followed by one last "Amen".
I, too, am proud of my 2 young men who took this election so seriously--one just barely 18, who boldly spoke his opinion and has been harassed by classmates and questioned by friends. We all have great hope for the peace that will begin to emerge in January...not only among nations, but among the left and the right, the friends, co-workers, students, families.
Amen, Mama de la Paz!

Aaron said...

As someone who spent a week of his life devoted to trying to get the young people of Florida to vote for change in 2004, it is stunning that it actually happened. During that campaign, all the talk was about the youth vote and how that was going to be Bush's downfall. Karl Rove predicted that older and more religious voters would turn out in droves and the youth would stay home. He was right. It was one of the saddest days of my life. Which is why, even this second, it is hard to believe that we finally found a candidate; scratch that, a MOVEMENT that brought out the "care" in those of us normally preoccupied with our fantasy sports and well drinks specials... (I must add that there is a part of me that wishes this turnout had come 4 years sooner and had let us avoid 4 agonizing years of american casualties in Iraq. I guess there was need for an inspirational figure that was sorely lacking last time around...) OBAMA-BIDEN 08 is a reality!!!

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