Saturday, November 15, 2008

GO Tell It On The Mountain

Have you ever seen preschoolers sing this song at Christmas? Typically they've grasped one word from the song...GO!...and they shout it with confident urgency as they stand pointing to an imaginary star in the East. It's the image of urgency that's settled in my head this morning as I look over an editorial by Robert Dreyfuss, political writer and contributing editor to The Nation. The piece is titled, "Obama's Iraq Challenge." In it, Dreyfuss opens the door of political insider pondering, detailing some of the pressure President Obama will face on the matter of troop withdrawal in Iraq. He also introduces the idea that Obama grew less and less vigilant about the promise of peace in Iraq as the run to the White House became more and more focused on economic issues. He says retaining George Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates, is not a particularly good sign. He says Obama's cautious instincts may push him into low gear in the drive to end the war. I am now standing at my desk, pointing to the East, shouting GO. Go to your phones, your computers, your stationary boxes. Call, email, write. The president-elect must hear from us on this subject. Today. Tomorrow. Perhaps everyday until January 20. And then everyday after. Until the promise is re-issued and we are reassured. Here's what I have sent this morning via the website: President-Elect Obama, I've just read an editorial by Robert Dreyfuss that suggests the promise to leave Iraq in 16 months will be hard to keep, and that you will be under much pressure to do otherwise. Please know that many of us first got on board with the Campaign for Change because you were the candidate for peace. My husband and I donated regularly to the campaign and spent the last five days running up to the election in New Mexico campaigning relentlessly for this change. Thank you for keeping your promise. Please. GO. Peace.


Anonymous said...

To the Obama-Biden team:

I turned toward voting for Obama-Biden first because the President-elect was talking about getting out of Iraq...promising in fact. I am writing to insist that promise be kept despite the economic news...but the truth is I want more. I want us out of the war business. It is one thing to go catch the bad guys...that is police work and the rules of engagement for that kind of work I support. But war is something else entirely. The rules of engagement are different. The objectives are different. However undesirable, civilian casualties are acceptable. War is different.

Go get the bad guys, but not using the rules and tools of war. Please. Give us peace.

- DC

Gay said...

Thanks for posting the website link. I will email this evening.

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