Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now Is The Time...

...for all good people to come to the aid of their country. War - What is it good for? In 1970, when this song was released by Motown, high school aged kids like me were cranking up radios, rolling down car windows, and singing the words as loud as we could. Even if we weren't quite sure exactly what the fuss was all about. The college kids were in charge of the real angst on the subject of Vietnam. They were the unfortunate demographic losing friends and brothers and sisters in the fight...we younger kids were just the backup singers. And so, I never really heard the words: War has shattered many a young mans dreams Made him disabled bitter and mean Life is much too precious to spend fighting wars these days War can’t give life, it can only take it away I read yesterday that suicide among our Global War on Terror veterans has reached epidemic proportions (at least 18 per day). Seems like an undeniable reflection of shattered dreams. And evidence that war can't give can only take it away. And then there's the economic impact of funding two wars...billions a week. And the combat deaths. And the collateral damage, aka civilian casualties, that continue to amass at hideous rates. To quote Edwin Starr...GOOD GOD, Y'ALL! We are standing at the door of a new day, however. A fresh administration...with a president who did not support these wars, a president who believes in diplomacy, a president who has promised us an end to this cueing up in the wings. It is time to meet these leaders backstage for a review of the crucial lines in the continuing drama: We are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, while in the throes of global financial and environmental crises. We need the money these wars are costing us to make life right at home. Withdraw military forces from Iraq ASAP. Follow up with a diplomatic surge to help stabilize the country. Stop deploying the National Guard to wars overseas. These trained professionals are our domestic security. Don't expand the war in Afghanistan. Work with countries in the region to stabilize the area and defeat terrorists without NATO and US forces. Oppose a new war in Iran. Check U.S. compliance with Article 6 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty before calling another country to war over it. Now is the time, my friends, to advance an agenda of peace on this earth. Let's not wait until January, when the revved congressional engines zoom away from the starting line. Contact your elected representatives now. Request a report card of their voting records on pertinent legislation. Set up meetings with them during the Congressional recess, if you can. Have a letter hand delivered to their offices. Call their offices. Email. If you're wavering on this subject at all, I invite you to spend the day pondering war. Replay the video above. War...what is it good for? If you come up with an answer more eloquent than "absolutely nothing" please let me know. Peace.

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