Monday, November 3, 2008

Warning To People Naming Babies

...and other things from the campaign trail in Clovis. Election eve - the the strings of this presidential campaign are wound to near breaking, and the resulting pitch of opposing discourse has become, frankly, a bit screeching. We hit 175 homes today. The weekend mood of "share your story" turned this morning to the real business of "get out the vote." Most people we met on a doorstep were tolerant of our visit, even if they were slightly annoyed to be seeing us again. One woman said, "You people have come every day for four days...I'm voting!" Fortunately, the accusation that I am nagging rolls pretty easily off my back. I smiled, said, "It's all over tomorrow," and moved on. McCain supporters seemed to be the happiest to see us today. We apparently gave them living, breathing targets at which to launch their latest and greatest fear facts. Did you know, for instance, that if the name "Hussein" is on your birth certificate, you are a Muslim until you publicly renounce the faith? It's a fact, the upper-middle class woman told me. Did you know the Qur'an instructs all people of Muslim faith to kill Jews? Were you aware that there is really no one in this country without health care? That Republicans are Pro-Life and Democrats are Pro-Death? And that I am a socialist who apparently does not value freedom at all? Whew. It's not easy being blue. (Enjoy comparing Kermit's angst to mine-we have all earned a few moments with muppets). You'd have thought living in Texas might have prepared me a little better for this. Ah, well. The sun has now set on the preliminaries of the historic presidential race of 2008. All that's left is the voting, the counting, and the victory dancing.

May the losers not be sore...and the winners not be obnoxious. May we be one nation, indivisible. With liberty, justice, the right to have an unusual name, a diverse opinion, and a privately chosen faith...for all. Sleep if you can. Vote if you haven't. Peace.


travis said...
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shleeman said...

Jan and David:
I cannot imagine how difficult the past few days have been, to listen to the racist fear mongering again and again. But I just want to thank you for it and let you know that I deeply respect and love you both.
Go Obama!
- Love, Ashlee

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