Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Came, We Saw...

We were part of making history! I guess the rest of you weren't that focused on the 5 electoral votes in New Mexico as the polls closed and began reporting in a few hours ago. Needless to say, the folks we were hanging with in a makeshift campaign HQ in Clovis were. Two minutes after the polls closed in New Mexico, the announcement was made on MSNBC: the state went to Obama! The room erupted. I mean went crazy.

Doesn't that first sign of blue west of the big red block anchored by Texas look cool?

Turns out, the way the declaration calculation is done for these things...the early voting results from Curry county (Clovis) was the indicator election mathematicians were watching. When they saw 35% for Obama in those early results (2004 support for Kerry in the county was 24%), they knew Senator McCain could not win the state. Who knew?

Since I feel I personally talked to 35% of the registered voters in Curry County, New Mexico in four days...I'm taking some credit for the win here.

Truthfully, we were just a tiny bead of sweat on the brow of the real campaign machine here in Clovis, which was mostly a rag-tag band of young and old people, black, brown, and white people, entire families, babies, medical students, diehard political volunteers and first-time, wild-eyed embracers of hope.

It was an amazing group to share this night with: The perfect mix of age and race and economic standing and education. Because none of that mattered at all. We were, so simply and so beautifully as we sat knee to knee in front of the 25-inch TV screen, the united people of America.

I will never forget this night.

I'll bet you won't either. Peace, my friends.

In 16 months.


Gay said...

Yes. we can - is now: Yes, we did! You and David should be very proud. This day belongs to all of us.

Anonymous said...

As a teen in the very early 70's I once said to an adult who was upset about all those unruly kids protesting in the streets, "The problem is that we actually believe all that stuff you taught us in school." Today that belief is vindicated. As I sat last night and watched John McCain speak to his supporters...watched him quell the boos...heard the pride in his voice for having seen us as Americans do what the rest of the world thought was impossible, I was not nearly so happy about the victory of one candidate or one party as I was filled with joyous pride in the great American dream now made manifest in a way not even the founders could have imagined.

The work is not done. As Prop 8 still hangs in the balance in California the evidence that doors are left to open is all too clear. But today the road before us has the light of a new day on it. I am ready to go.

- DC

Mama de la Paz said...

By the way, all...DC,aka anonymous - posted above - is also known as Papa de la Paz! He's been my great companion and partner in much rabble rousing for 33 years! We took the streets of Clovis together by storm!

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