Monday, January 26, 2009

You're It!

These have become my four favorite words to find in a headline:
Obama Reverses Bush Policy
Close Guantanamo - check. Stop torturing people - check. Resume funding international agencies that help women end difficult pregnancies - check. Allow the application of 14 states to set limits beyond federal standards on greenhouse gases from cars and trucks - check. We are, my friends, off and running. Every day feels better than the one before. I start each morning wondering... "How will the new president make the world a better place today?" Still in the wings wait stem cell research, oil drilling plans for western Utah, the economy, and two wars. Just an hour and a half ago, President Obama stood in the White House briefing room and said this: "The days of Washington dragging its heels are over." I believe it. Take six minutes to watch the first half of the sermon delivered by Sharon Watkins last Wednesday morning at the National Cathedral. Our new President and Vice President and members of Congress were in attendance that morning. Much has been said about Rev. Watkins' evangelist-like presentation...but stick with it. The words are brave and honest. Give the woman credit for standing before a packed house - including God and every power-broker in the land - and having the moxie to say: Tag, you're it, Mr. President. He is. And if you're afraid of getting caught, you'd better get running! Peace.

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DHello said...

I loved the inaugural prayer service. I loved the connectedness to ALL the worlds religions. I loved the inclusiveness. And I love the fact that we have a President who actually gets this as a way to peace for our country and for the world!