Monday, February 9, 2009

Bellicose?!!'s been a while since we had to grab a dictionary during a president's news conference. Quite a while. He said bellicose tonight. I had an email from my grad-student son almost immediately:
I'm watching Prez Obama's live press conference and he just used the word 'bellicose' in a sentence describing Middle East Country A's language toward Middle East Country B. (Expletive deleted here, but honored nonetheless) it's good to have a smart guy in the White House. I'm trying to imagine the word Bush would have used there... Fighty? Hostilistic?
Which makes me smile... And reminds me that some potentially fighty, hostilistic folks are going to the polls tomorrow. Pray for the Israelis. May they be overcome with a fresh longing for peace, and resist the well defined path of racism and never-ending war. Let it be.

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