Saturday, February 7, 2009

Still Missing Molly

I wonder how many times I've thought about Molly Ivins since Barack Obama was elected president on November 4, 2008... How many times have I rewound my life's tape to the summer afternoon in 2006 when I sat in the Gatehouse kitchen at The Crossings and ate Bluebell Cookies 'n Cream ice cream with Molly...the very nectar of the gods that she told me had kept her strong during grueling treatments for cancer? We talked about George Bush ("post turtle") and Rick Perry ("Governor Goodhair"). I wonder how many times have I wished we'd talked about Barack Obama? At least a hundred. I thought of Molly yesterday, when I read John Cole on the subject of our bipartisan Congress. Very few people would have the moxy to call republicans insane in a column posted for all the world to see. John did. Molly would have. I wish I had. I'd love Molly's take on our economic crisis and the proposed solution and the resulting tug-o-war politics. I'd love to hear her talk about John Cornyn's cabinet hearing handraising and Kay Bailey Hutchison's why-I-vote-no-on-spending argument. I'd love to hear what she'd be saying about civilian George Bush in his pricey Dallas neighborhood. I am happy to have a reflection this week from Molly's close friend and assistant for 6 years, Betsy Moon. It doesn't close every gap and longing for political commentary: Ivins-Style...but it does reach around me and scratch an itch. Read. Smile. Peace.

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