Monday, February 9, 2009

To Know You Is To Love You

Why does it matter to Ken Starr that 18,000 gay and lesbian couples were married in California before voters there were talked out of allowing same sex marriages? I just can't figure it out. Starr is scheduled to take the case to have those 18,000 unions undone to the California Supreme Court on March 5. He wants the court to nullify every same sex marriage license issued in the state between May and November of last year. Why? Is it possible that Ken Starr...once a Young Democrat, a graduate of George Washington University and Brown University and Duke University, a former federal judge and US Solicitor General and high profile independent counsel during the Clinton it possible Ken Starr has never known a happy, productive, committed gay couple in his life? Because if he has, I just don't get it. Usually knowing some of "those people" ... whoever they are in your life ... puts your narrow mindedness on indefinite leave of absence. I know some brilliantly happy gay couples. And guess what? They pay mortgages, mow lawns, go to basketball games, throw birthday parties, struggle with their weight, cry when they lose a parent, and read their Bibles - just like I do. I couldn't stick them in a "not worthy" column of life even if I wanted to. If they belong there...then so must I. "They" are people - just like "Us." And you know what else? This formula applies to all of the Uses and Thems of the world: the conservatives, the liberals, the Arabs, the Jews, the black people, the poor immigrant people, the soup kitchen people, the people with tattoos and piercings, the people with disabilities, and...yes, even the people with sinking stock portfolios and private jets. Knowing someone - some one - a real breathing, talking, thinking, working someone...well, it takes all the fun out of not liking the person. It takes the pleasure out of making yourself superior to him or her. It takes the satisfaction out of whatever oppression or segregation or war you may have previously thought was justified. It makes us all human. Which is exactly what we are. Flawed, struggling, fussy, self-centered, needy...humans. So, what's up with Ken Starr? I'd like to tie him to a chair and run this video - And then introduce him to some of my friends. Peace.

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I think I love you.

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