Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vote Earth My Beloved

Oh my sweet city. My soulful nest of weirdness. Great bleeding heart of Texas. Beautiful Austin... Wherefore art thou, my bastion of cutting edge thinkers? Sweet home of sprout eaters. Tribal gathering place of tree huggers and peace lovers and the state's only dependably liberal democrats? Why aren't you an Earth Hour City, my love? 4,000 cities in 88 countries around the globe have agreed to turn out the lights for an hour at 8:30 PM tonight as a vote of support for global action on climate change. It's a World Wildlife Fund event, begun two years ago in Sydney Australia. Last year, the event grew from 1 city to 350 cities. This year...well, it's big. But Austin is not on board. I wrote the mayor and city council a few weeks ago - thinking they must not have heard of Earth Hour. Surely we global-warming-aware Austinites want to be identified with activities that say, "Hey! Wake up! The earth is melting!" - I thought. But I received no reply from Austin's governing folks. Not one. And our fair city, apparently, is not participating. This is particularly troublesome to me because I recently accused my Arlington, TX sisters of living in a soul-less swarm of malls and chain restaurants. Um...guess what? Arlington is an Earth Hour city. So is Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Irving, Grapevine...even Rollingwood - which is an enclave of upper-upper class living surrounded on all sides by the city of Austin. I am completely disappointed. You can bet I'll be turning out the lights for an hour tonight, though. If you're a person living in Austin, I hope you'll join me. Your light switch is your voice today... A voice crying out FOR the wilderness. Let's save it. Peace.


Mama de la Paz said...

FYI - I am told by local TV news stations that a few businesses in Austin are participating in Earth Hour at 8:30 tonight. Hooray!

gay said...

Hooray is right. Apparently someone is "listening" perhaps even better reading! Maybe by next year all of Austin will go dark!