Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Showers Bring...?

We've had three days of rain in Central Texas...which makes us all believe in redemption. If you live here and water by the house number rule, camp by the burn ban decision, and pray for cotton farmers and ranchers you've never know what I mean. A few days of rain almost makes us forget that drought is still with us and summer is still ahead. We leave umbrellas in our cars, and run - but not too quickly - for shelter. Once inside, we throw the windows open, because we like to listen to the rain here in Texas. We exchange pleasantries with strangers like, "Sure is messy out there," but one of us always ends by saying, "Yeah, but I don't mind the rain." "Me neither," we always say. And the smell of rain on dirt that's been wrung dry by 17 of the most precipitation barren months in history - oh it's so sweet. So... we forget how bad things really are... The same is true with the U.S. economy, right? We end the day today with all stock exchange arrows pointing up, the federal reserve saying the recession seems to be easing, even Starbucks' losses for the quarter are coming in lower than expected. It's raining financial hope, right? Sounds so soothing. Smells so sweet. The drought's not over after three days of rain in Texas. I bet I'll have to practice some water conservation again this summer, go without fires at the campsite, and let my lawn - eventually - turn a shade of brown that isn't very pretty. Oh poor me, huh? I expect the same to be true of my financial landscape. I don't imagine, for an instant, that any of us will be putting out buckets to catch a deluge of financial gain until we've had to make a few hard choices...and sweat. Oh, poor us, huh?
Percent of World's Population Living on Less Than $2 a day
I say we leave the umbrellas in the car...just so we don't look like whiners. Peace.

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