Friday, April 24, 2009

Back Off News Dogs...

I realize the news business is not as much fun when the President of the United States uses words like "bellicose" instead of "misunderestimated." Where's the entertainment value in ivy league words, used in correct context, in a well thought out sentence? But I'm weary of the stir from our television/newspaper/magazine/blog pundits to over-polarize us all. It's as if standing alongside the American public and cheering "fight, fight, fight" is all they have left in the push to successfully sell air time and column inches. I used to be in the news business, and I understand the dance between the public's right to know the truth and the public's need to laugh/be outraged/see blood. But I'm tired of being sold to the lowest bidder for my emotional investment in the daily headlines. Today, it's from MSNBC...and I confess, I took the lure. It's the Give President Obama a Grade poll. A friend sent the link to her favorite democrat friends, and urged us all to go to the site to give the president an A - in a counter attack move on all the republicans who were going to the site to give President Obama an F. In fact, with over 2-million responses at the site so far, the Fs are winning:
If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? * 2911119 responses
He gets an A 36%
He gets a B 6.9%
He gets a C 5%
He gets a D
He gets an F 39%
Not a scientific survey.
No doubt, the survey will make the news tonight. One of the worst side effects of this "duke it out" political presentation is that it's rubbing off on our working congressional representatives, who apparently feel they'll only make it to the 5 o'clock news or the front page of the newspaper if they say something ridiculously far right or far left. So much of it is irrelevant and inane and misleading - where can the determination our founding fathers had for a well informed electorate be headed? We used to expect this behavior only from Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore. Now the extreme has become the usual and we're all feeling like we need to wrestle in the mud with anyone who sees the world from a peak or valley different from our own. I'm ready to be bored with the news. Just the facts, please ma'am and sir. I'm eager to hear the word compromise used in a few sentences. From my elected reps. I'm wishing we the people would stand up and say, once and for all: The president has been elected, inaugurated, and has served 95 days in office. He is intelligent and popular and delivering on his promises. Let it be. Don't you think it's time for we - the people - to stop bowing to our most visceral selves and start listening to our reasonable inner voices? This is not a wrestling match. This is a democracy. A good one. These issues: the economy, health care, war, education...these are our problems, not just the problems of the party of the President. Can we become activists for truth and understanding? Is there any other reliable path to peace?


Captain Kroc said...

Hopefully soon, but it's still a battle. We owe it to our country to smash comtemporary American conservatism whenever and wherever it raises it's head.

What do we gain by compromising with a philosophy that has lead the country to our current condition?

Mama de la Paz said...

Well, Captain...can't say I agree with the image of smashing heads. My mama always taught me to catch the flies with honey, not vinegar.

Seems someone should lead the way in well-reasoned responses.

I think our president is giving it a good try...but if none of us will follow his lead - if we continue to believe heads need smashing - everyone loses. The current condition just becomes the next critical condition.