Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Hearted Giving Without Fear

I do so hate to shop. One might even say I have a fear of shopping. A phobia. Except there is, apparently, no such phobia. Check out the indexed phobia list online. There are 530 irrational fears listed there. Included is: 1) the fear of the number 13 (Triskadekaphobia); 2) the fear of pointed objects (aichmophobia); 3) the fear of lockjaw (tetanophobia); even 4) the fear of sermons (homilophobia)! How can there be no fear of department stores, malls, or Walmart? No Shopaphobia? My mother and sisters frequent a place they call "Digger Dillards." Can you conjure up the scene there? Does it make your head swim and your pulse race and your stomach ache? If it doesn't, you are certainly NOT a shopaphobic. For you, I will elaborate... A gift-giving season is like the arrival of a plague. We shopaphobes just want to stay in our darkened rooms until the danger passes, venturing only occasionally to an online store that won't rob us for a delivery fee. To complicate my version of this shopping illness, I am also a person who likes to support socially responsible alternatives to the traditional gift. Unfortunately, my friends/family could easily grow weary of the heartfelt (easy online access) gift certificates to worthy causes that I love to give. And eventually they will have enough pairs of TOMS shoes in their closets. I am quite concerned that I am running out of options. Enter the hefty gift-giving season bearing down upon us: Graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings. Aaaaaack. What to do? Check out this cool site, my benevolent shopaphobic (and shopaholic) friends:
A bag for a bag. A gift for someone you know on the brink of a new adventure, AND a gift for someone transitioning from "no job" to "job"...from "I'm nothing" to "I'm someone important"...from "I'm invisible" to "look out world, here I come!" That feels good. (And, delivery is free!) I'm throwing open the blinds, taking a deep breath, facing the day without fear. The phobic response quieted once again...ahhhhh. Peace.

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