Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do You Love Love?

Oh for pity's sake.... Wouldn't you hate to be a gay person in love? Really - just think about it. You'd have wondered most of your life whether or not you're okay the way you are. You'd have had to think about, and somehow get over, what much of the world thinks about you. You wouldn't have had the advantage of the socially wired ways of meeting a person you'd like to hold hands with or hug or (gasp-try not to think about it) kiss. At some point, if you made it to a smooth part of life's sea, you'd have found someone who had climbed the same mountains and navigated the same war zones. Then - screech, halt, whoa! That's where your journey through the land of loving partnership slows to what surely feels like a slow march through pudding to the halls of justice. I point to yesterday's word from the California supreme court. The court said...6-1...that the people of California have a right to change the constitution at the ballot box. Consequently, Proposition 8, which bans the marriage of same sex couples in the state of California, was upheld. Okay, then. Nothing complicated about that equation for justice. Proponents of 2008's prop 8, meet your opposition. We're back and we're more determined than ever. See you in 2012, if not sooner. We'll even have some new voters by then!
(Profits from these stickers are donated to the fight for marriage equality - buy some!)


Mary said...

Although the legality of mine and Betty's marriage stands in California (but not here), we are taking no joy in the CA supreme court ruling. Essentially, they have said we're legal by accident - a chance timing in a small window of opportunity.

I do believe same-gender couples will be able to marry anywhere in the US one day, but the process is heartbreaking at times, frustrating and maddening at others. Fortunately, there are those moments of celebration, and for Betty and I, a wonderful array of people who support us.


gay said...

Same gender couples have my support. Thanks for sharing - I've ordered my sticker and will share this with others.

Thanks for including the link.