Friday, June 12, 2009

Who's In Charge Here?

You know those days you're sure God is punishing you? Oh, come on - even if you don't officially believe in the existence of God, I'm betting you've had a moment or two when you've looked skyward and said, "Man...what did I do?" I've had one of those mornings. Yesterday, I spent the entire day in my yard on Austin's first real 100-degree day. I decided, for some reason, to go beyond the routine mowing, trimming, and edging. I would prune, weed, and get the last of the Spring fall of live oak leaves bagged up. I worked for hours. At the end of the day, I had one very full bag of leaves, a picture perfect lawn, and a crystal clear pool. was going to be for something else. Inside. But we had a hail storm last night. And so I woke up this morning to this: far as the eye could see. And a muddy pool. I felt like a kid who'd proudly announced to her mother that her room was clean, only to find mom had gone back in and dumped the dresser drawers out in the middle of the floor. Not only was yesterday's work completely annihilated, the clean up today involved using my absolute least favorite yard tool - the blower. You know the blower, that great landscaping convenience that delivers a sound to the outdoors that nature never intended, drags the ever-tangling/swear inducing extension cord behind it, and provides a version of personal jet propulsion to the user's arm that makes the end result almost impossible to control? Really, God of Creation - maker of heaven and earth and hail storms (but, thankfully, not blowers) - why? Here's the picture of God I had in my head today: And here's what was so funny as I imagined a kind and happy and only slightly apologetic God talking to me as she wiped tears from her eyes: "You think you decide when the work is done?" "You think you determine when the last leaf is picked up?" "You think you are in control of the plan for tomorrow?" "Hahahahaha. I'm sorry. Get over yourself." So, I now have another two full bags of leaves at the curb, a very cloudy pool, and a day that's left me time to plan dinner. I hope we're having salmon. But I am not in control. Peace.

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