Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

It has occurred to me today that Barack Obama is the first US president in my personal history who is younger than I am. I've grown accustomed to police officers and fire fighters and doctors showing up in my life looking like their moms packed their lunches...but, the president? Gulp. If I'd thought this through last November, I might have voted for the older guy... In truth, I am exhilarated by the evidence that another generation is pulling up to the table of this feast that is our world. My people (only a few years older than the president) are beginning to focus the gaze on retirement and grandkids and fishing poles...or motorcycles. We fell into the post-moon-landing, post-Vietnam, post-Woodstock, first-ever-vote-for-Nixon/McGovern stew of human thinking. I can't conjure up much we created that was earth-shattering, unless you count millionaires with nothing to accomplish but making more money on your list of things the world needs more of. It just might be the right time for us to let someone else do the cooking at this party. Let's continue to elect people younger than we are. Hire executives who Twitter. Go to dentists with Facebook pages. We'll stay behind and wash the dishes. We'll take a weekend to march for peace. Plan a volunteer vacation to work on the trails in the Cabinet Mountains of Idaho. Send our money to war-displaced Pakistanis trying to recreate home. Let's claim a seat in the back of this bus and celebrate the routes our younger leaders are choosing for the adventure. Happy Birthday, Mr. 48-year old President. The older kids on the playground have got your back.
President Obama is having lunch with the entire Senate Democratic Caucus this afternoon. “Chuck E. Cheese was booked,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joked.


john langford said...

i'm only 2 years older than obama, but the guy who was president when i was born, dwight eisenhower, was born in the 1800's!

i'm with ya, sista.

gay said...

Whoa Nelly - Post Vietnam, Post Woodstock, Post Moon-Landing, I must be old, I was part of all of it.

His children could be my grandchildren!