Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a Sign

This is the long and open road I spent most of 12 hours on last week. Isn't it something? I was headed to and from a writer's retreat in Alpine, Texas. The retreat began - as you can see - on the drive. In fact, I saw so few cars on Texas Highway 190, I began to see mirages of cars. Really. So I found myself with way too much attention to devote to road signs, which actually are a great source of entertainment and inspiration. This one occupied quite a bit of my 70-mph-cruise- control thinking time: I suppose this might have been true...except I was driving in the right lane, and it didn't seem to end at all. I was sure it was the lane that continued. Had someone been with me, perhaps the case would have been made that the sign said it was the right lane ending, so the left lane must have been the lane that continued. I might have argued that the sign I'd seen just prior to this one said: LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY. So, if the right lane ended, that would leave only the passing lane for driving. I also would have argued that it felt like the right lane continued as I zipped past the sign. Personal truth is determined by the lane you're driving in, not by the words on a sign. My nephew had a phrase he used when he was a pre-schooler and didn't know words like perception and awareness and consciousness. "In my reality," he'd say. In his reality, the pool was never too cold to swim in on January 1. In his reality, he had always eaten enough of his broccoli to have ice cream. In his reality, turtles really could be ninjas. Why argue with someone else's reality? What we think about God or gay people or peace or Sarah Palin, or sushi or health care or more taxes for rich all depends on the lane we're driving in. Maybe TIME TO SHARE THE ROAD IN ONE LANE is all the information we need. Does it matter, really, which lane ends? Peace.

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Anonymous said...

:) It's still "his reality". But this is so true of us all. In any reality, you are the best and coolest aunt ever!
See you in the lane.