Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh I Wish It Would Rain

We are looking to the heavens and praying for rain today in Austin. It's so dry. Our lakes are receding. Our cucumbers are shriveling on the vine. Our lawns are turning to straw. We had 26 days in July with temperatures over 100-degrees. It rained 1/4 of an inch. We're parched, to understate things. And August is, historically, our hottest month. Why won't it rain? Everything is longing for a good soaking. Even the sidewalk. If I sit still long enough with my eyes closed, I can almost conjure up the smell of rain on the hot pavement and the sound of a solid storm thumping my roof with life-giving water... Of course a clean glass of fresh water is as close as the tap in my kitchen, or in one of my three bathrooms, or at one of my outdoor faucets..front or back. But, oh, I am so tired of moving sprinklers around the yard. Wah. Wah. Despite historic drought conditions in Texas, I do not have to walk 4 miles to a water source, or carry 44 pounds of water in buckets back to my home. In fact, when I flush a toilet I use more water (6.5 gallons) than most Africans use in an entire day (5 gallons). A five-minute shower covers the per person daily water consumption for most of the rest of the developing world. East Africa needs rain. China needs rain. Bolivia needs rain. Australia needs rain. People in these countries aren't worried about their water bills. They're worried about the survival of entire cultures. Here's a picture of drought in my world... Here's a glimpse of some of the rest of the world... It is time to look toward the heavens and expand my prayers. Peace.


Joe Phelps said...

Thanks for a beautiful reminder of how relative our worries are compared to the larger picture. And now for some irony: today's Louisville paper reports 2 1/2 inches of rain in an hour last night-- that on top of the 10 inches in an hour last week which produced flash flooding.
Does God have bad aim?!

gay said...

I have also lamented over the lack of rain in the Austin area. But your blog makes me realize how lucky I am, as I sit here reading with a full glass of ice water, with no hard work on my part. Thank you