Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Believe in Blue Skies

I lived in the Silicon Valley of California for two years in the early 1980s. I was young, and research like Google was not available, so I went to the far-away land of Cupertino, California somewhat uninitiated. For starters - I didn't know the place was an actual valley. Imagine my surprise on the second week there when the haze cleared enough for me to see where I was. Once rich in orchards, flowering trees, and every kind of plant a valley soil near the Pacific Ocean could the time I arrived in Silicon Valley, the high tech industry had taken 20 years off the life of the place. The tiny piece of paradise I had moved to, nestled between Mount Hamilton on the North and the Saratoga foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains on the South, looked like this: ...on a very good day. Most days we were unaware hills and mountains existed at all. A blue sky was a very rare occurrence. I tried to hold my breath for two years. And I grieved over the color of the sky, wondering if there would be a blue sky left in the United States by the time I had children. Here's the good news. I've been back to California recently. Look at the view of Mount Hamilton from the valley today: So, cheers to the State of California, which has spent the last 20+ years aggressively enacting legislation designed to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds, and carbon dioxide released into the blue-sky air of the Golden State. The air regulatory board in California has also taken on dry cleaning fluids, second hand smoke, and outdoor residential waste name a few. Up next on the contentious US Senate agenda is Cap and Trade legislation. Another fight of health care proportions is expected. We can expect corporate lobbies to take a vested interest in the outcome. I would imagine we can also expect hours and hours of "less government is better" rhetoric designed to to persuade us we are not ruining the earth with our polluting industries and modes of transportation. Study the issues now. Be ready for the conversation. Setting controls on pollution works. The evidence is in California's blue sky. I believe in blue skies. Do you?
Declare your own support for blue skies. Feel free to copy the logo above (I have the copyright) and announce your plans for saving our skies on your own website/blog.
Peace. And happy Blog Action Day!


Anonymous said...

I do.

- DC

gay said...

The picture shows it can be done, we just need to commit.