Friday, January 29, 2010

Pro Life

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for only 37 minutes. - news today from Wichita, KS
Scott Roeder made it so easy.  He admitted he shot Dr. George Tiller in the forehead at point blank range.  He confessed he'd been stalking the doctor since 1999.  He said he felt relieved after the killing, and even stopped for pizza as he drove out of town. 

All of this from the witness stand earlier this week, at his murder trial in Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. Tiller had performed late term abortions - legally - in Kansas for 35 years.  Scott Roeder considered Dr. Tiller's work murder, and hoped a jury would agree that he was appropriately protecting the unborn when he killed Dr. Tiller at the back of his church on a Sunday morning last May. 

The jury did not agree.  In fact, the jury was clearly not a bit confused about its disagreement with Mr. Roeder. I'd say it appears members of the jury were unanimously pro-life.

As in prison.  Life in prison. 

Perhaps it's a good turn on the phrase...


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gay said...

Regardless of ones personal beliefs on this issue - Mr.Roeder did not have the right to end Dr. Tiller's life and I'm pleased with the jury's verdict.