Sunday, October 24, 2010

War Does THIS to Your Mind

A Sunday ponderable for a "Christian" nation:

Imagine what "this" might be.  What might war do to your mind? 

Not the mind of a soldier or a president or political operative.  Your mind. 

What if this sentence described your life?  
In her 40 years of life, Khamad Jan's mother has experienced 30 years of war.
What might a lifetime of war have done to your mind?

And what happens when you think about this possibility?
Neither she nor her daughters had ever heard of the 9/11 attack in the US. Nor were they aware that the US had invaded their country in October of 2001.
What would a seemingly arbitrary invasion of your homeland have done to your mind?

Please read this short article. War Does This to Your Mind

Then think about what war has done to your mind. 

Has it made you more inclined toward hate or love?  Fear or hope?

War or peace?

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