Friday, March 25, 2011

A Letter This Morning the President and Vice President.  

Dear President Obama/Vice President Biden,

It is time to end the war in Afghanistan. 

The violence and unrest there is making healing and rebuilding for the good of the Afghan people almost impossible.  They are turning, again, to the Taliban for their needs.

Hope for something good to come of our presence is waning at an exponential rate - among US ranks and in the entire geographical/political region.

The quagmire that is our war has become distracting to our image as a compassionate people on the world stage.

Most importantly, people in the US are turning their backs on this war.  Nothing now or in our future can turn to good when an entire people begin to treat war like a casual political snafu.

Please, please, please.  Keep your pledge to begin troop withdrawal in July of 2011.  Let's leave with some haste, determination, and honor.


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