Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Still Hoping

Four years ago today, I was packing a suitcase, loading the car with bicycles and bottled water, delivering dog medicines to the neighbor, and making a new sign for my yard that read:  "You can steal my sign, but you can't steal my vote!"

I was on my way to the doorsteps of voters in New Mexico, one of the purple states in 2008. We were determined to be moving parts in the machinery working tirelessly to elect Barack Obama.  New Mexico was the closest place to go to make a difference.

We spent four days walking and talking and bicycling up and down the industrial side streets of Clovis. We worked feverishly until the polls closed at 7 PM on Tuesday, November 4...our youngest son's birthday. When the state was declared for Obama shortly before 8 PM in New Mexico, the tiny abandoned insurance office that was packed to the window sills with Obama workers erupted in a kind of joy I had never experienced in my life, and never expect to experience again. 

The 2008 election was big.  Very big. 

Today, four years later, I visited my local Obama office to pick up some buttons and t-shirts and smile and wave guiltily at the people sitting at telephones talking to voters in Florida. 

I straightened my yard sign, which has not been tampered with even once this year. 

I will make a pot of chili and light the jack-o-lantern on the front porch.

I will wait for trick-or-treaters.

And then I will wait for Tuesday. 

The 2012 election is big.  It is very big. 

I cannot imagine changing partners in our dance of hope and change right now. I believe it would be disastrous for the country. Here's how I see it...
Barack Obama has not failed to deliver - he has delivered and delivered and delivered.
His list of promises in 2008 was long. It seems reasonable that 8 years might be needed.

His assumptions about bi-partisan comraderie in Congress were inexperienced.
As my husband is fond of saying, Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
Who can doubt the President has experience now?

I have taken a donor's seat this election season.  I have left the door-knocking and phone-calling tasks that stretch me waaaay beyond my comfort zone to others.  But I have not given up hoping and believing in change that really will make this nation lead in the ways of integrity and compassion and peace. 

Four more years.  That's what we need. 
Obama Pumpkin


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