Saturday, November 24, 2012


It is my birthday today...the calendar marker for the last year of a decade that has been filled with chaos and heartache, deep joy and great loss.  It seems like a reasonable day to ponder the future.
My thoughts have run me up and down life's path: Have I made the most of the years I've had?  Is there some great excitement I've missed that I need to snatch before I am too old?  What kind of person am I going to be when the body mandates a slower pace?  When is it time to let go of hair coloring and cosmetic hunting and fashion watching? 
I believe clear answers to these questions rarely come.  Fate has too much random access to our hours and days to chisel a list of wishes into granite and feel terribly good about the outcome. The best way to chew on life-my opinion-is one little bite at a time...spitting out what is bitter and savoring what is sweet. That's what I believe. 
Not so, though, for the driver of the pizza delivery truck I sat behind at a stoplight this week.

I have spent almost no time at the website...but I can tell you it appears to be a site full of free downloadable letters from God, transcribed via dreams by a willing contemporary servant named Timothy. I am skeptical.  Check it out if you are interested. 

But these are the words that got to me on this sign:  Are you listening? 

Listening to Creation?  Listening to my heart?  Listening to my body?  Listening to the voice of reason when it is spoken?  Listening to the voice of love when it is raised?  These are the whisperings of  the Lord to me...the gentle unfoldings of the tiniest mysteries that happen every single day. 

And so I sit, this day, pondering the final year of a busy decade and managing some real trepidation about the decade to come.  I have resolved only this:  I will be a better listener. 


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