Wednesday, November 11, 2020

You Don't Know Me

I am not a communist because I believe Black lives matter. 

That's what I'd like to say to the dude who threateningly revved his big truck's engine in front of my house this afternoon and screamed, "COMMUNIST!" out his window before he sped away. I assume what he meant to say was... 

"Hey neighbor, I hate your sign!" 

But what I heard was, "I hate you!" 

This, we have come to assume in the months since we installed it on the front lawn, is what draws this kind of ire and name-calling several times a week from angry drive-by bellowers:


It's a big sign. We understand that. It's been in front of our house since mid-June, so - you know - it's become a bit of a thorn in some folks' craw. Puking nastiness into the street might be considered natural under such circumstances. (If these folks were chickens* and our sign was pebble stuck in the chickens' necks.) 

Yes. We believe people are entitled to their opinions about a large sign on a suburban lawn. We also believe we are entitled to have it there. 

I would love to tell everyone who wonders about the sign exactly what has shaped our lives and brought two old white people to a point of needing to make an unmissable statement on their lawn. Perhaps the driver-side screamers would like to know how many other folks have stopped by to thank us, offer a small gift of appreciation or word of solidarity, sometimes even to tell us how how much safer the sign makes them feel in the mostly white suburbs of Austin, TX. 

A conversation would be great. 

But we've learned a solid lesson since mid-June - *these blowhards are cowards. They don't stop to talk or ask a question or even to voice neighborly dissatisfaction with our 16' x 4' lawn decor. Instead they work behind our backs on petitions that go nowhere, mention us in disparaging ways on their neighborhood blogs, and use their crowd-dispersal sirens at 2 AM in front of our house. 

They drive by, yell something stupid out their windows, and speed away like we're chasing them with guns instead of standing with great urgency next to a sign about loving. 

Nope. Believing Black lives matter does not make me a communist anymore than not believing that truth makes you a Trumper. I could probably assume you are one, though, since the pick up truck that followed behind you this afternoon had a giant TRUMP 2020 flag flying from the tailgate. 

Yeah. You better bring back up when you drive by the BLM banner crazies. Because, um....


Peace. Let it be. 

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