Friday, December 24, 2010

On The Red Eye to Bethlehem

The following is an account of the first fight I had with my husband.  Really.  A shorter version with me reading the story aired Christmas Eve on our local NPR station - KUT, 90.5, in Austin. 

December 1974.  Our first Christmas together.  We are young, in love, and mostly broke. There are no presents under the tree.  In fact, there is no tree, just a hand-me-down creche that I pull from a tattered Sears box stuffed in the back of the closet.  My sweetie plays a Dylan-esque version of Silent Night on his guitar, and I sing along while unwrapping Joseph and Mary and the smiling baby Jesus with the golden halo circling above his blond curls.

Silent Night, Holy Night.  All is calm.  All is bright. 

I carefully shred a brown paper bag to give the manger scene a hay-filled barn look, then place the cattle who are lowing, the sheep who are following the shepherds, and the star that is guiding all to the beautiful babe in their proper places.  Next – the wise men, who I line up, of course, in order of their gifts:  guy with the treasure box first - gold... funny lantern looking carrier next – guy with the perfume bottle last – myrrh.

Holy infant so tender and mild…
The guitar tempo slows as I go for the heavenly peace high note.  My sweet serenader stops playing.  

“The wise men weren't there, you know.”  he says, looking at me with a touch of smugness that does NOT make him attractive to me at all. 

"Ha Ha," I say.  "They followed the star and found the babe lying in a manger and brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh."  I try my best to mimic the smug look. 

“Actually, the wise men were sent out by Herod after the buzz about a new Savior hit the streets...remember?  'Go and find the child so I can worship him too?’”  The words are familiar…his mocking tone is not.  “You don't think they flew on red-eyes to get to Bethlehem, do you?” 

I glare at my beautiful, boy-faced sweetheart.  And I tell him to shut up.  “The wise men are always there,” I say.  “Every church in America lines up the wise men on front lawns and altars.  Surely you are not suggesting the church – God's Holy Church – has been misrepresenting the story for all of history.”
“Yes,” he says with confidence.  “That is precisely what I'm suggesting.”  And then he goes on to announce that the Holy family’s lodging was more like a cave than a barn so I can probably toss the paper shreds and sprinkle some gravel from the driveway around instead.

A huge fight ensues.  There is swearing and a bit of name-calling.  There is a frustrated swing at Wise Man Number 2, which renders him giftless.  There is pouting and re-packing the creche and no good-night kiss.
I feel quite betrayed. 

35 Christmases have come and gone...

We have found an honest group of people who find their way to God through the stories of Jesus.  As a community of faith, we have worked hard together to turn away from the lies churches tell.  We do not believe there is only one path to the heart of the Holy.  We do not believe a church should make decisions on behalf of pregnant women in crisis or people who come to this country in crisis or registered voters.  We do not think God hates gay people or Muslim people or even the people who hate us because of our inclusive views.

But, come Christmas eve, danged if we don't find the church altar flanked by those wise men standing in the queue with their gifts, ready to gaze into the face of our sweet little Anglo baby Jesus with the gold-painted halo. 

It's not a lie, I whisper to my husband every year over the first measures of Silent's tradition. 

Peace all.  And Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Baby Changes Everything

While the entire Christian world turns its attention this week to a sweet and quiet baby glowing in the light of a star, surrounded by adoring parents and calm animals, I hear a voice in my head saying, "Who missed the part about this being a baby?"

The story seems to be retold year after year as a reminder to us that God was willing to be tender and vulnerable and well, so easy, arriving among us as the most innocent form of life.  Just review the words to Away in a Manger for evidence that the baby we've uncovered in a livestock pen in Bethlehem all these years turns out to be something of a non-human phenom.  

If this is a real baby...the kind of human who won't let you sit down to dinner until it is cold, keeps you up all night and day with needs you can't quite decipher, delights in one moment with a smile and terrifies in the next with a howl...then what's the deal with all the references to silent nights and no crying and let nothing you dismay?

Babies change everything.  The way we sleep and eat and talk and dream.  The way we view the world, our family, and even the electrical outlets we stopped thinking about the minute after we plugged in the TV.  They are the ultimate show-stoppers, heart-stealers, and home wreckers.  They turn our worlds upside down. Nothing is ever the same. 

What parent doesn't know this?

I must confess, I have no time for the demands of a baby this week. I mean, it's Christmas the day after tomorrow.  There is no room on the schedule for sickness or sadness or a broken heart or a wounded spirit. baby behavior.  I have too much to do. 

Unfortunately, this is not a Christmas condition of mine - it is the way of my days.  Don't let me see that needy person on the corner or that hungry child on TV or the tears gathering in a friend's eyes.  I don't want to hear how many people died in Afghanistan today or how difficult it is to find clean water in Sudan or that the soup kitchen 8 miles from my front door needs volunteers.

Please world...stop being a baby.

As I ponder my Christian tradition on this Christmas Eve Eve, I cannot get past the clear image of God as a crying, hungry, 100% needy baby.   Oh my.  And even when God was all grown up, the story tells us these words were spoken:  When you do something for the least of these among you, you have done it for me. 

In other words, it seems, pay attention to the baby. 

Could it be that peace really was born on Christmas?

The baby is crying.

Why haven't we picked him up?


Sunday, October 24, 2010

War Does THIS to Your Mind

A Sunday ponderable for a "Christian" nation:

Imagine what "this" might be.  What might war do to your mind? 

Not the mind of a soldier or a president or political operative.  Your mind. 

What if this sentence described your life?  
In her 40 years of life, Khamad Jan's mother has experienced 30 years of war.
What might a lifetime of war have done to your mind?

And what happens when you think about this possibility?
Neither she nor her daughters had ever heard of the 9/11 attack in the US. Nor were they aware that the US had invaded their country in October of 2001.
What would a seemingly arbitrary invasion of your homeland have done to your mind?

Please read this short article. War Does This to Your Mind

Then think about what war has done to your mind. 

Has it made you more inclined toward hate or love?  Fear or hope?

War or peace?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thinking About Water

 Perhaps you've endured some kind of breakdown in infrastructure in your city or neighborhood that has cut off easy access to clean running water temporarily.  But a lifetime without clean water within arm's reach?   Is there a citizen in the United States who can imagine such a thing?

Just today I threw out two half-full glasses of water left overnight on the bedside tables.  Then I poured fresh water into those glasses to drink with breakfast. I hope I actually drank mine.  I boiled eggs in clean water, which I threw down the drain as soon as the eggs were cooked.  I made coffee with the bottled spring water I keep in my pantry.  I ran the dishwasher, flushed a couple of toilets, watered the lawn.  I ran untold gallons of fresh water down the driveway in the bi-weekly pool filter backwash.  I came inside and drank a full glass of clean water.  Next is a 5-minute shower, which means I'll consume more water washing than a person living in a developing country slum has access to over an entire day.

Meanwhile, 884-million people lack access to safe water supplies...approximately one in eight people in the world.

In September of 2000, the world's leaders got together and made a list of hopeful promises to people around the globe who live in extreme poverty.  These promises have come to be called the Millennium Development Goals.  Within these goals is a pledge to make sure at least one in FOUR people in the world has access to clean water by the year 2015.

Our world is in chaos.  People with plenty on this planet seem to be in a world of worry to keep what they have. I fear the least of these among us are about to be completely forgotten.

Will you join other blog readers from across the globe today and sign this petition to the United Nations, reminding the powers that be that we want to be people who keep our promises? 

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

Thank you. Peace.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why There Will Never Be Peace on Earth

Everything I needed to know about why we can't have peace on the planet I learned at a music festival.

Not just a music festival...the Austin City Limits music festival.  This is no fly by night event...this is 70,000 people savoring 3 days of deliriously premier rock and roll, and meandering through the most magnificent consecutive October days anyone planning to be outside in Texas could imagine.  ACL 2010.

 My weekend began in the spirit of Texas tradition with Asleep at the Wheel at noon on day one...was driven to the edge of fainting joy with Balmorhea opening day two...and ended with none other than The Eagles sending us out the exit almost airborne on day three.  It borrow a phrase from a generation one or two behind me...epic

This kind of thing works in my city because we are cool.  My favorite piece of evidence to support that statement is the unwritten rule of Living in Harmony that allows the spreading of a blanket on the ground to represent a reserved seat.  This happens wherever you go in Austin.  If it's an outside event that begins at 8 PM, a blanket can be placed at 8 AM and it will be where you left it when you return at 7:55 PM.  It's the Law of the Live Music Woods around here.

I told you we were cool.

So yesterday, knowing we would want a decent spot to see our beloved Eagles at the end of the day, on the festival's biggest stage, the Peace Papa and I arrived an hour before the gates opened to dash for a spot under a tree to spread our blanket.  The plan actually served two purposes.  It gave us shade to rest in when the day started to wear on us, and eased our worries about pushing through the human stew to try to catch a glimpse of Don Henley & Co. at 8 pm, when every festival stage but the headliner stage went dark.

We were not the only old folks with this idea.  In fact, by the time we got to the sprawling oak at 11:02 AM, it was almost packed.  But we got a spot.  A good one.  Within 5 minutes, even more 50-something music fans showed up and began spreading out in front of us.  The security guard on duty let them know they'd be the front row of the chair and blanket bunch.  We were all pleased.

Except the people who'd been designated "front row" apparently spent their day enforcing the status they worked so hard to earn (?) while the rest of us went about our business enjoying a day of music. Everyone who tried to sit in front of them heard this: "We got here at 11 this morning.  This is the front row."  And if folks didn't move, as commanded...these entitled grumps got security to help them out.  I'm not kidding.

It gets better.

We were all in our places at 8 PM...and of course the area had, um, filled in.  (see above mention of 70,000 people)

Did I also mention our coveted tree spot was right in front of a long wall of porta-potties?  Needless to say, a few of the music fans who had worked hard to stay hydrated under the Texas sun all day (thank you Budweiser) decided it was time to visit the potties.  But the music had begun, and our friends on the front row would have NONE. OF. IT.  Seriously.  Imagine a sea of people and camping chairs and blankets and coolers and backpacks and water bottles - and three nasty bermuda-shorted seniors standing with their arms straight out in front of them to block the path to the bathroom.  When arms out didn't work...they wagged their fingers in kids' faces and said, "Go back.  You can't go through here.  WE'VE BEEN HERE SINCE 11."    I was sure someone was going to get slugged.

These people chose this approach instead of taking one step forward to get out of the traffic flow.  They did this instead of enjoying the music.  They did this until they finally packed up their gear and left.  Really.  While The Eagles were on stage.  While the music they had spent the whole day planning to hear was playing.

Apparently someone forgot to tell these music lovers that - yes - a blanket and a couple of chairs holds your space.  But - no - it does not give you any rights beyond your 4' x 4' square.  And, honestly old's a music FESTIVAL, not the ballet.  There are no reserved front rows at a music festival.  I'd venture a guess that even if these folks had held their noses on the floor of the stage all day long, someone with a little more spring in their step and a few less inhibitions about propriety would have managed to wiggle in.

It was a music festival!

So, there it is.  We humans are ridiculous.  Even at a music festival, where everyone shares a common interest in what's going on, and there are no obvious philosophical, political, or religious differences between us...

Even under these circumstances we feel a need to protect what we believe we're entitled to.  And we'll fight with someone to do that if we have to. 

I give up.

And as much as I love The Eagles, I have to tell you, I was longing for just one sweet song from The Youngbloods.

C'mon people now...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Inalienable Right to Hate

I was absolutely going to stay out of the discussion about Fred Phelps and his band of relatives who call themselves Christian while they run all over the country carrying signs that read: Thank God for Dead Soldiers and God Hates Obama and Fags Die, God Laughs.

I do not like Fred Phelps.  I will borrow an evocative phrase my mother uses from time to time:  I wish God would just pinch his head off. 

And so it didn't seem right for me to comment on the Supreme Court wrangling over the rights of Fred Phelps, et al. to crash a funeral for an Army Lance Corporal who died in Iraq in 2006.  Seems members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas stalk military funerals so they can see and be seen by people who might disagree with their ideas about Sin in America. Here's how the faithful followers of Rev. Phelps like to show up for these military services:

Freedom of speech is protected in this country - even if it's tasteless and cruel and full of lies and hate. 

So...I was going to stay out of it.

But then I saw this photo:

And now I really don't know what to say, except I'd like to find these children and tell them that the person who pulled these shirts over their heads and took their picture is wrong. I'd like to ask them what kind of house they live in...because if it's one in which God and Hate are used in the same sentence, I'm betting they've been horribly abused - if not physically, certainly emotionally.  I'd like to ask them if I could pick them up for ice cream this Friday night...

Because that's the night I'm asking God to pinch off some heads...

and I'm hoping they don't have to see that, too.


You Couldn't Live On It

That's my message to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele tonight.
Perhaps it's all he needs to know about minimum wage. 

In case you didn't know, your local Tea Party movement is backing candidates running for spots on the national policy-making stage who favor eliminating federally mandated minimum wage. (FYI: 90% of the world's countries have minimum wage law). 

So, last night MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell tried to find out if the GOP Chairman is on board with candidates who think that way. Here's what happened:

Of course Michael Steele doesn't know minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

He makes $107.21 an hour! And this is just his base pay for heading up the Republican National Committee.  He reportedly earns another $8K-$20K whenever he makes an appearance or delivers a speech.

That hourly rate adds up to $223,000 a year.

On the other hand, a person making minimum wage who is lucky enough to work 40 hours a week makes $15,000 a year.  The minimum wage earner who is only scheduled for 30 hours a week (so his/her employer doesn't have to offer benefits) makes just $11,300 a year. 

Do you know anyone trying to live on $7.25 an hour, Mr. Steele? I'm betting not.

Same for this guy...

Tonight,  Newt Gingrich declared the GOP is the "party of paychecks"...(which seems funny since GOP leadership has no idea how much pay to put in checks).  Even so, Gingrich is stumping for Republican candidates with this good guy/bad guy mantra:  Republicans are the party of paychecks.  Democrats are the party of food stamps.

And this is supposed to make people run away from Democrats?

The case could be made that Democrats at least seem to know that $15K a year is not enough income to put food on a table.

I won't even bother to pitch the case that the GOP is the party that made the economic mess we're in right now.  But I would like to suggest that people who don't have a clue what they're paying their housekeepers, their gardeners, the guy making their coffee, the woman ironing their shirts...

These are not the people who should be allowed to decide whether or not minimum wage legislation is important. 

I hope Main Street is paying attention.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And Jesus said...Stop the Barking?

Since posting late yesterday, the Dove World Outreach Center website has - it seems - gone belly up.  The links to the site below do not work.  Pastor Terry Jones has also suspended his plan to burn the holy books of Islam on his Gainesville, FL church lawn Saturday night.  

For today, then...mark one for sanity. 

I attend a small church in Austin.  On any given Sunday morning, there are a few dozen of us gathered to sing, pray, study, and share a bit of our broken lives with like-minded friends. You might say there are "around 50" of us.  Much like the membership being reported from Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida - home of "International Burn the Qur'an Day" and Pastor Terry Jones.

Really.  I completely understand the mind that drives past a half dozen full-to-capacity stadium churches and pulls into a weedy parking lot with 30 cars every Sunday morning.  I think it more often than not:  "Man, we need some advertising."

But for the love of Jesus...A nationwide call to burn holy books of Islam?  On September 11?

Whatever else is to be said of Terry Jones...he definitely got his little church some publicity.

From Vienna, Austria...

to Tampa Bay, Florida...

...the Dove World Outreach Center has officially gotten the word out.  (Check out today's front pages around the world on Newseum).  I'm betting the parking lot at Dove World Outreach Center will be full this week.  Of news vans.

Google "burn the qur'an."  Over 7-million entries will pop up.  I now know the history of DWOC, have read the Ten Reasons to Burn A Koran, as well as the well done counter-piece, Ten Reasons Not to Call Yourself the Dove World Outreach Center.

It would be hilarious if it weren't so venomous.  It would be forgettable if it hadn't already required a special meeting between our war general in Afghanistan and that country's president.  It would be just another bunch of crazy Christians if this "Christian nation" of ours didn't spend so much time pointing fingers at outlier lunatics from other walks of faith. 

What would Jesus say?  Maybe more importantly, what did he forget to say?  Love your neighbor...he said it.  Do good to those who persecute you...he said it.  Treat others as you want to be treated...he said it.  Blessed are the peacemakers...he said it. 

Maybe Jesus would understand this sign from a news clip on YouTube today.  The man is part of a significant group of angry Muslims in Kabul  protesting Pastor Jones' plan for a Qu'ran bonfire. 


It has become, for me, the clearest message on the subject.  Stop Barking of Your Popy.  

I know it makes no sense.  None of it does.  


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marking Time

A lot has happened since March 19, 2003:
7 years and 5 months have passed.

2,710 days have followed dawn's early light to the setting sun.

4,419 American lives have been lost on the soil of Iraq.

1 incredibly awful war has stolen the futures of many innocents who are not our enemies, ratcheted our national debt up $745 billion, and sullied our reputation on the world stage.  Still - somehow this war managed to make it to our "not very important" list of things to think about in 2010.

I just happened to turn on MSNBC last night, and cried as I watched the unexpected live coverage of our last combat unit in Iraq crossing the border into Kuwait with unloaded rifles.  The war in Iraq - if war is to be defined as open and declared armed hostile combat between nations - is over.  As of about 8 PM on my clock last night.   Just like that.

If life was fair, most Americans would not have missed that moment. There would have been a parade in every town, confetti flying from high rises, flags waving, people cheering.  But war, it seems, is not the Superbowl or an NBA championship or even a presidential motorcade.

War, it seems, is just hell.  And really, who wants to follow that too closely?

It has been so easy to keep our backs to this one.  There have been too few protests and too many domestic distractions.  The pundits and the politicians who dish our daily dose of priorities traded the urgency of Operation Iraqi Freedom for ponzi schemes and tea parties and popularity surveys months and months ago.  Most of us have had very little interest and certainly no skin in this game. 

But it has been a human tragedy.

I invite you to stop right now.  Spend some time scrolling through the names (below) of Americans who have died in Iraq since March of 2003.  Ponder the enormous absurdity of 106,000 peace loving Iraqi citizens - people with hopes and dreams just like you and me -  who have been killed in this war.  Find some photos on the internet that give you a look at the ways this war has physically scarred Iraq.

Let it sink in.  Let it be real. 

Because if we don't care, we will certainly do it again.

And again.

And again.


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Evans II• Andrew K. Farrar Jr.• Charles S. Jones • Christopher J. Ramsey • Jonathan R. Reed • Joseph E. Rodriguez • Lyle W. Rymer II• Mickey E. Zaun • Barbara Heald • Edward E. Jack • Lindsey T. James • Keith E. Taylor • James H. Miller IV• Nazario Serrano • Jason C. Redifer • Harry R. Swain IV• Mark C. Warren • Christopher E. Zimny • Robert T. Hendrickson • Sean L. Brock • Sean P. Maher • Richard C. Clifton • Sean M. Cooley • Stephen R. Sherman • Steven G. Bayow • Daniel Torres • Travis M. Wichlacz • Jeremy O. Allmon • Zachary R. Wobler • Jeffrey S. Henthorn • Jessica Housby • Richard A. Perez Jr.• William T. Robbins • Robert A. McNail • Kristopher L. Shepherd • David J. Brangman • Dakotah L. Gooding • Rene Knox Jr.• Chad W. Lake • Ray Rangel • David J. Salie • Michael A. Arciola • Katrina L. Bell-Johnson • Justin B. Carter • Jason R. Hendrix • Timothy R. Osbey • Adam J. Plumondore • Christopher M. Pusateri • Joseph A. Rahaim • Frank B. Hernandez • Carlos J. Gil • Kevin M. 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(Henderson) Huff • Jane Elizabeth Lanham • Jared J. Raymond • Charles J. Jones • Eric M. Kavanagh • Robb G. Needham • Yull Estrada Rodriguez • Christopher M. Zimmerman • Allan R. Bevington • Carlos Dominguez • Kenneth E. Kincaid • Velton Locklear III • Windell J. Simmons • Howard S. March Jr.• Rene Martinez • Casey L. Mellen • Jose A. Lanzarin • Henry Paul • Edward C. Reynolds Jr.• Christopher T. Riviere • James N. Lyons • James Chamroeun • Christopher T. Blaney • Michael A. Monsoor • Scott E. Nisely • Kampha B. Sourivong • Luis E. Tejeda • Robert F. Weber • Christopher B. Cosgrove III• Chase A. Haag • Denise A. Lannaman • Mario Nelson • Justin D. Peterson • Aaron L. Seal • Santos Raymond Armijo • James D. Ellis • Satieon V. Greenlee • Justin R. Jarrett • Joe A. Narvaez • Michael K. Oremus • Joseph W. Perry • Kristofer C. Walker • Daniel Isshak • Jonathan Rojas • Dean R. Bright • Timothy R. Burke • Edward M. Garvin • Christopher O. Moudry • George R. Obourn Jr.• Benjamin S. 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Miller • Gloria D. Davis • Brent W. Dunkleberger • Matthew W. Clark • Theodore A. Spatol • Luke C. Yepsen • Paul Balint Jr.• Henry K. Kahalewai • Joe L. Baines • Nicklaus J. Palmer • David R. Staats • Matthew J. Stanley • Seth M. Stanton • Kevin M. Kryst • Brian L. Mintzlaff • Andrew P. Daul • Joshua D. Pickard • Scott D. Dykman • Jacob G. McMillan • Myles C. Sebastien • Robert J. Volker • Ryan J. Burgess • Ryan L. Mayhan • Kyle A. Nolen • Fernando S. Tamayo • Joshua D. Sheppard • Wilson A. Algrim • John Barta • Michael J. Crutchfield • Elias Elias • Bobby Mejia II• Curtis L. Norris • Chad J. Vollmer • Evan A. Bixler • Stephen L. Morris • Hayes Clayton • Jason C. Denfrund • Jae S. Moon • Andrew H. Nelson • Aaron L. Preston • Dexter E. Wheelous • Eric R. Wilkus • John T. Bubeck • Joshua M. Schmitz • Joshua M. Strong • Douglas L. Tinsley • Nathaniel Given • William C. Koprince • Clinton T. McCormick • Christopher P. Messer • Edward W. Shaffer • Luis G. Ayala • Aron C. Blum • Dustin R. 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Shank • Jason R. Arnette • William G. Bowling • Miguel A. Marcial III• Robert M. McDowell • David A. Mejias • Eric R. Vick • Bradley D. King • Daniel R. Olsen • Brian E. Ritzberg • Curtis R. Spivey • Shane R. Becker • Gabriel J. Figueroa • Jerry C. Burge • Joseph H. Cantrell IV• James J. Coon • Walter Freeman Jr.• Derek A. Gibson • Forrest D. Cauthorn • Jason A. Shaffer • Gregory J. Billiter • Jay S. Cajimat • Ryan S. Dallam • Daniel A. Fuentes • Curtis R. Hall • Joseph A. McSween • Anthony Palermo • Damian Lopez Rodriguez • Joseph C. Schwedler • Ebe. F. Emolo • Jonathan D. Grassbaugh • Levi K. Hoover • Rodney L. McCandless • Philip A. Murphy-Sweet • Harrison Brown • Adam P. Kennedy • Phillip I. Neel • David N. Simmons • Todd A. Singleton • Jesse L. Williams • Brian L. Holden • Ismael G. Solorio • Clifford A. Spohn III• Brett A. Walton • Kyle G. Bohrnsen • Raymond S. Sevaaetasi • Jason J. Beadles • John G. Borbonus • James T. Lindsey • Gwilym J. Newman • Cody A. Putman • Larry R. 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Spencer Jr.• Jerimiah J. Veitch • Ryan M. Wood • Michael J. Montpetit • Dominic N. Rodriguez • William E. Brown • Derek A. Calhoun • Joel A. Dahl • Chris Davis • Joel A. House • Joseph P. Kenny • Jimy M. Malone • Michael D. Moody Jr. • Jason D. Nathan • Daniel P. Riordan • Shane M. Stinson • Henry G. Byrd III• Carter A. Gamble Jr.• Eric C. Palmer • Andre Craig Jr.• Trista L. Moretti • Derek C. Dixon • Nathan L. Winder • Daniel A. Newsome • William W. Crow Jr.• Cory F. Hiltz • Shin W. Kim • Michael J. Martinez • Giann C. Joya Mendoza • Dustin L. Workman II• James L. Adair • Robb L. Rolfing • Raymond R. Buchan • William C. Chambers • Victor A. Garcia • Jonathan M. Rossi • Michael L. Ruoff Jr.• Jeremy L. Tinnel • Christopher N. Rutherford • Juan M. Garcia Schill • Steven A. Davis • Andrew T. Engstrom • Scott A. M. Oswell • James M. Ahearn • Jeremy D. Allbaugh • Keith A. Kline • Michelle R. Ring • Jeremy L. Stacey • Steven A. Stacy • Anthony M.K. 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Howdeshell • Jaime Rodriguez Jr.• Cody C. Grater • Wilberto Suliveras • Jason M. Kessler • Sean A. Stokes • Zachariah J. Gonzalez • Charles T. Heinlein Jr.• Alfred H. Jairala • Stephen R. Maddies • Bradley W. Marshall • Daniel F. Reyes • Travis S. Bachman • Julian Ingles Rios • Cristian Rojas-Gallego • Eric D. Salinas • Fernando Santos • Cristian Vasquez • Jaron D. Holliday • Jason K. Lafleur • Braden J. Long • Matthew M. Murchison • Dustin S. Wakeman • Justin R. Blackwell • Jeremy S. Bohannon • Charles E. Leonard Jr.• Joey D. Link • Juan M. Alcantara • Nicholas A. Gummersall • Kareem R. Khan • Christopher T. Neiberger • Jacob M. Thompson • Reynold Armand • Jon E. Bonnell Jr.• Donald M. Young • Alicia A. Birchett • Michael E. Tayaotao • Joan J. Duran • William L. Edwards • Scott L. Kirkpatrick • Andrew W. Lancaster • Justin O. Penrod • William D. Scates • Eric D. Cottrell • Alun R. Howells • Juan M. Lopez Jr.• Paulomarko U. Pacificador • Sean P. Fisher • Shawn D. Hensel • Steven R. 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