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I am feeling what can only be described today as generous emptiness.  Walking around in my day, in my room, in my head, through the leaning walls of my soul, around the jagged pieces of my heart and feeling almost nothing.  Last night, as we held our heads in our hands, in the moments between fixing our eyes on a screenful of horrific tales from Uvalde, there were so many feelings.  Horror at the violent end for 19 children and 2 of their teachers at Robb Elementary School. Aching all over for every parent, sister, brother, grandparent, aunt, uncle who sat and waited, fearing or hearing the worst news imaginable.  Utter disbelief over our powerlessness to end such gun insanity in this crazy Land of the Free, Home of the Brave Little School Children.  Rage at the people offering insane responses during the early tragic hours of our collective grief. People like Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton . "Stay off TV..." we implored, shaking our fists and our heads. Do something. Anyt