S#*t Gets Real (Happy Spring Break)

 My husband is a Boy Scout to the bone. Prepared. Ready for the worst case scenario - whether filling a suitcase for a whirlwind vacation, packing up gear to go camping, stocking a portable tool box for mountainside deck-building, or getting through the average day during a global pandemic. 

Here he was in the mid-2020s - pre-vaccination, pre-KN95 mask saturation, smack dab in the middle of WTF-ery. 

You can't see it, but there's a HEPA filter over the end of the tube of that full face, underwater snorkel mask. #PreparedMan. And yes - he wore that standout virus resister everywhere that wasn't here inside our super-sanitized, hyper-bubble-only home. 

It worked. He did all the family errand-running in his "scoober" (as our eloquent granddaughter called it). I did curbside pick-ups, Door Dash ordering, and backyard distance-seated happy hour planning. We stayed well. When volunteers were requested for a Texas antibody study, we signed up for 3 blood draws. Last draw, PreparedMan's antibody numbers were low. Mine were high. We tried to figure out what the numbers meant, to no avail. It's a study. They're figuring it out. We shrugged at our confusion and recommitted to mask wearing and take-out. 

But here's the Boy Scout today - with the tired, fever-y eyes of a sick man. He has Covid-19. 


I had plans this week. People here. Me there. That kind of thing. Now, here we sit - isolating inside our home, wearing masks, texting one another from one floor to the other - waiting to see how awful his fully-vaccinated symptoms are going to get. Wondering if we'll be making the 60-mile drive to the monoclonal antibody infusion clinic.* Rewinding decisions made last week and asking the big questions - how, where, who? 

Our guard is decidedly down. In February, we took a 10-day, 3,000 mile road trip. We ate homemade picnics in the car, made infrequent stops, attended vaccinated-only events with masks on, saw only fully-vaccinated friends. We didn't get sick. But last week, the ever-ready man took his first business trip of the pandemic. On a plane. Four days in a different city. On a plane again. Home one night. Sick. 

Trust me when I say, this Covid s#*t is not over. It just isn't. No matter how much we want it to be. 

Friday, in my 590-thousand person county, 58 new Covid cases were reported. 

Over the last 7 days, the average new case count was 65. Five people died from Covid. In my little county.

In our 332-million person country, 44,358 new cases of Covid were reported YESTERDAY. 

1,684 people died. Y-E-S-T-E-R-D-A-Y. For a current events perspective grabber, about 285 Ukrainians died yesterday in the war with Russia. (The US estimates 2000-4000 Ukrainians have died since Russia invaded the country on February 24.) 

965-thousand Americans have been counted dead from Covid-19 since March 2020. You likely don't need to be told we've had wars that have lasted longer than this fight with a virus (two years). But it's the virus that's managed to take the most American lives

  • Civil War - 655-thousand dead
  • World War I - 116-thousand dead
  • World War II - 416-thousand dead
  • Korean War - 36-thousand dead
  • Vietnam War - 58-thousand dead
  • Iraq War - 4.4-thousand dead
  • Afghanistan War - 2.3-thousand dead
  • 9/11 - 2.9 dead
I am fully vaccinated. I think everyone in America - not just 65.7% - should be fully vaccinated. But banging that drum hasn't worked, so I'm not swinging my sticks at that point. 

I'm just here to tell you, with absolute certainty, we are not finished with Covid-19. Keep your masks on. Wash your hands. Have the sanitizer handy. Stand 6' back from one another in line at wherever it is you think you must go. Eat/drink/be merry on a patio. Be careful.

You might have fared better in a war. Any war. 

It is not over. It's coming for us all, apparently. Even my Boy Scout. 

*The MAB infusion drive/drip has happened. Here's hoping.

Update: Each day is better than the one before. So all's well. Thanks vaccinations/booster, monoclonal antibody infusion, and masks! 

Must say this about the photo below. I am grateful to have a World Citizen/Leader for president right now. So grateful. But dang it, 79-year old man, PULL UP THAT MASK! It's not over. 


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